Art of Doing

No. 24 | Kali Rogers on Becoming Friends with "Good Enough"

November 27, 2017 Season 1 Episode 24
Art of Doing
No. 24 | Kali Rogers on Becoming Friends with "Good Enough"
Art of Doing
No. 24 | Kali Rogers on Becoming Friends with "Good Enough"
Nov 27, 2017 Season 1 Episode 24
Hilary Johnson
Kali Rogers hits us with some real talk about how to become friends with "good enough."
Show Notes

Who’s up for a little shift in perspective? Ready to become BFFs with “good enough”?

This episode of Art of Doing, with Kali Rogers, can help you do this on a few fronts. Get ready to challenge how you think about life, social media, and asking for help. Kali tackles these topics with ease and lots of ‘real talk’.

Kali Rogers is CEO and founder Blush Online Life Coaching. She and her team of coaches provide support, motivation, guidance, and advice to millennial girls around the globe.

Kali built her company because she saw a need for relatable, convenient, and affordable counseling for young women who are out there trying to figure out where they belong in the world. If you are in your 20’s or have had the joy of moving beyond it, you know first hand, it ain't easy, and that’s where Kali and her team of awesome humans come in.

She wanted young girls to have the opportunity to build relationships with their coaches that, like almost everything in today’s world, wasn’t limited to distance or time zone. She wanted it to be affordable, because so many things in a young adult’s life are not. She also wanted it to be relatable to their generation, and most importantly start breaking down the stigma associated with self-help. Plain and simple, coaching needed to get with the ‘millennial program’.

In this episode of Art of Doing, Hilary and Kali chat about how many of the struggles that young women face, are similar to those entrepreneurs and small business owners face. Struggles of confidence, wanting desperately to please everyone, pressure to do well, setting boundaries, and embracing a lack of perfection.

Sound familiar?

Kali gives us a fresh perspective on how to adapt and tackle these issues.

Even with all of the strides in the world of mental health, embarking on a self help journey still carries a stigma. Kali Rogers is on the front lines of crushing that stigma, and quite frankly flipping it upside down and turning it into something cool instead. She is indeed an epic doer and she makes an impact every day in young women’s lives.

Give this episode a listen to shift your own perspective for the better...and learn to embrace “good enough”.

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