Art of Doing

No. 60 | Lauren Schwab on Being Unplugged

August 06, 2018 Season 1 Episode 60
Art of Doing
No. 60 | Lauren Schwab on Being Unplugged
Art of Doing
No. 60 | Lauren Schwab on Being Unplugged
Aug 06, 2018 Season 1 Episode 60
Hilary Johnson
Show Notes

On today’s episode we are joined by Lauren Schwab, the founder & creator of Unplugged Mornings.

Lauren’s goal is to ensure every person she comes into contact with leaves with a bigger smile on their face. Lauren has the tools to transform challenges, realize visions, and inspire others through her example. As well as help others find the freedom of simply being themselves and responding authentically to each moment. Lauren is combining her passions for health, wellness, and helping others to make an impact in this world. She believes in the journey, not the destination and hopes that many people will join her on the journey.

She encourages us to truly unplug & to listen in by reminding us that “You have the answers within you already.” Another favorite quote... “Nature never hurries, but everything gets accomplished.” Do you think this is our call to slow down a bit?!

For a quick recap on the 9 steps of UNPLUGGED MORNINGS!

  • U - Universe - Deep breath, meditate or pray
  • N - Nourish - Water & fuel
  • P - Play - Fun things
  • L - Learn - Read a book
  • U - Unleash - Forgiveness & letting go of 1 thing each day
  • G - Gratitude - What are you grateful for? Express abundance
  • G - Generosity - What is 1 thing you’ll do today that’s generous for another human being?
  • E - Exercise - Move your body!
  • D - Declare - “I AM” powerful statement

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