Art of Doing

No. 70 | You Are A Mogul with Tiffany Pham

October 15, 2018 Season 1 Episode 70
Art of Doing
No. 70 | You Are A Mogul with Tiffany Pham
Art of Doing
No. 70 | You Are A Mogul with Tiffany Pham
Oct 15, 2018 Season 1 Episode 70
Hilary Johnson
Show Notes

On today’s episode Hilary sits down with Tiffany Pham, the Founder & CEO of Mogul, an award-winning worldwide platform enabling women to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. A coder, she developed the first version of Mogul, which now reaches 18 million women per week from over 196 countries and 30,470 cities worldwide.

As the founder of Mogul—praised by Sheryl Sandberg as the #1 millennial platform—Tiffany Pham created a global technology and media empire by the age of 27. As living proof that the old rules of success no longer apply, Tiffany writes the new rules for following your passions and forging your own path in an age of disruption.

Traditionally, the word “mogul” has been attributed to men. But Tiffany Pham has redefined it—now, when you Google the word, the top search result is the company she founded: Mogul. The platform enables millions of women, across 196 countries, to connect, share information, and access knowledge.

So how did a young woman—who arrived in the United States without speaking a word of English—turn a dream of connecting women into a fulfilling career and a highly profitable company that has changed so many lives?

We explore these hot topics!

  • Why you should never give up
  • That a “no” is often just a “not right now”
  • How listening to Dale Carnegie tapes as a kid not only taught her to speak English, but also her favorite mantra for navigating life & business
  • Enlisting role models to support her vision & growth
  • What it means to be a mogul
  • Failure is the best teacher & she’s sharing it all in You Are A Mogul!

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