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No. 71 | Why You Should Leave Your Ego at the Door with Dan Sachs
October 22, 2018 Hilary Johnson

“The long term interest of your company is not served well when your ego is doing the decision making.” ~ Dan Sachs

On today’s episode Hilary sits down with Dan Sachs, author of The Million Dollar Greeting, Entrepreneur in Residence & Professor of Entrepreneurship at DePaul University, and President of the Meerkat Restaurant Advisory.

For more than twenty years, Dan has helped established and emerging businesses use hospitality practices to strengthen employee morale, customer retention, and profits. In The Million Dollar Greeting, readers accompany Dan as he travels across the United States and Canada, interviewing leaders from both large and small companies including Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Brooklyn Brewery, Zappos, Hyatt Hotels, and more.

We explore these hot topics!:

  • Why the most successful entrepreneurs are disciplined in giving focus to the “less joyous” parts of their job
  • How to see criticism as an opportunity
  • Why you must leave your ego at the door
  • Why real genuine guidance & listening is the best gift we can offer millennials right now
  • What is means to practice meaningful empathy in the workplace
  • Being consistent with your values
  • And a wonderful, open conversation about what we need to do to see a more diverse
  • representation of women, people of color, and ethnicities represented in entrepreneurship

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