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Episode 4: Anne Mezzenga: The Future of Retail

April 16, 2020 Jessica Mogilka Season 1 Episode 4
The Fly Through - CRE
Episode 4: Anne Mezzenga: The Future of Retail
Show Notes

Please welcome a multi-talented woman to The Fly Through.   She is one of the original architects of the Target Store of Future back in the day, she's a retail expert, owner and creator of the Third Haus - a co-working/community built around retail and the thought leadership of her own podcast, Omni Talk and a website full of great and massively informative content.  In her spare time, she owns 3 gyms and is an all around badass lady.  I was thrilled to talk to Anne Mezzenga on The Fly Through.   

We had way too much to talk about, so we focused on how grocery today is a bell weather for what other companies might be experiencing in the not too distant future - implementing technologies, creating safe workplaces for employees and clients, and supply chain challenges.   A note that we recorded this episode on April 8th, 2020 - while shelter in place means that many of us experience the outside world via our trips to the grocery store.  

Where to find Ann Mezzenga: 

Kroger/Ocado video link:

Takeoff Technologies Micro-Fulfillment Center at Sedano's Grocery Store in Miami (this is Anne, filling real orders, seeing this for the first time, super simple to do. Each of the products from the orders arrives in the bins in front of me, and a screen above tells me how many ketchup bottles, for example, to put in the bag, then the bin disappears, and the next one comes down, and the screen tells me how many of the next product to put in the bag.)

 Sam's Club Now store, Dallas:

  • Third Haus: Retail Community and Co-working: 
  • Don't forget Anne and team's podcast: Omni Talk, you can find it on all your podcast players 

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