The Impostor Syndrome Files

The DEI Imperative

November 02, 2021 Kim Meninger Season 2 Episode 87
The Impostor Syndrome Files
The DEI Imperative
Show Notes

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we explore the role that systems play in our experience with impostor syndrome. My guest, Jodi Detjen, a DEI consultant and professor, shares her fascinating research on inclusion, including effective practices, the role of managers and the responsibility of individuals. Jodi offers a powerful message, rooted in realism and optimism, about the progress that’s being made and what’s required on the road ahead.

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About My Guest
Dr. Jodi Detjen is an accomplished organizational consultant and educator with a foundation in operational change management. Her mission is to help realize inclusion in the workplace as soon as possible. In addition to being Associate Professor of Practice in Management and Academic MBA Program Director at Suffolk University, Boston, MA, Jodi is co-Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting, a firm focused on Organization Inclusion. She has worked in organizational development for over 25 years transforming the way people work at small and large companies. Jodi designs top-tier inclusive leadership training, consults and runs workshops for clients, and is a highly sought-after speaker and writer for organizations.

She is co-author of the books The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization. She has published multiple articles focused on the practitioner application of organization development concepts including Business Horizons and The Case Journal.

She is an active member of many women’s advocacy organizations, among them, the Geena Davis Women in Media and the Boston Club. She has collaborated with global and national companies such as Barclay’s Bank, UPS, the US Air Force, Oracle, Ericsson, and Excelitas among others.