The Impostor Syndrome Files

ABCs of Managing Fear

November 16, 2021 Kim Meninger Season 2 Episode 89
The Impostor Syndrome Files
ABCs of Managing Fear
Show Notes

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we take a powerful look at how our physiology drives how we show up in the world. My guest, Rebecca Heiss, a stress physiologist, evolutionary biologist and coach, shares her personal journey, as well as her insights on how we can live a life that’s not dominated by fear. She shares the ABCs of managing fear so that we can more fully experience our lives.

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About My Guest
Rebecca knows fear. As a biologist and stress expert, Dr. Rebecca Heiss is dedicated to helping us become self-aware and overcome our instinctual limitations – the ancient, often subconscious fears that hold us back from our optimal performance and our happiest lives. Her research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation and it is waking up audiences around the world. 

As an author of the newly acclaimed book Instinct, founder and CEO of the 360-review mobile application, icueity, and highly sought-after professional speaker, Rebecca has found her calling in helping others recognize the power of biological applications in their lives. A former educator, Dr. Heiss spent much of her earlier career in the classroom at both the high school and college levels and was recruited to be a founding member of an innovative charter school with a focus on entrepreneurial thinking and impact-based learning. Today her focus is leading high achieving women through stress, fear of failure/rejection, and imposter syndrome, to a place of confident and authentic leadership in her Fearless Accelerator program and her community for women to thrive called The Leap. To learn more about The Leap, visit: 

Rebecca’s “fearless” message inspires hope and actionable insights to train our brains to work for us, rather than against us in times of uncertainty. With surprising humor and palpable energy, no matter if Dr. Heiss is delivering virtually or on stage, she wins over audiences around the world with her interactive, inspiring and timely takeaways. 

She lives in South Carolina with her spoiled rotten dogs named Guinness & Murphy and every day tries to live her life motto: “spread happy.”