The Impostor Syndrome Files

Rising from the Bathroom Floor

January 11, 2022 Kim Meninger Season 3 Episode 97
The Impostor Syndrome Files
Rising from the Bathroom Floor
Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Season 3 of The Impostor Syndrome Files! Join Kim Meninger and Becca Powers as they discuss Becca’s rising from “the bathroom floor” moment. In this episode, Becca shares her bathroom floor moment, how she got there, and what she did to rise up as the CEO of her own life. She also shares how she was being “too much” for a certain environment and how her attempts to tone herself down affected her.

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About Becca Powers:

Author, Becca Powers, is a multi-six figure Fortune 500 sales executive in the tech industry by day, women’s career and life coach by night, and Kundalini yoga teacher by the weekend.

She boasts that she is doing all of this with more freedom and flexibility than she ever had in the past. Becca shares her raw, real, and radical story of overcoming the extreme adversity of being a success-driven woman in Corporate America as a working mom of four children while dealing with the real dramas of her personal life.

Becca’s creative, humorous, and unique spin, that you are the CEO of your life, offers listeners a sense of empowerment to take charge and create a life they love to live – by owning it all – the messy and the magical.


Outline of the Episode: 

[01:59] About Becca Powers

[03:33] How compartmentalizing leads to imposter syndrome

[08:05] What to do when you’re told to “tone it down”

[11:23] What to do when you find yourself on the “bathroom floor”

[17:14] Ups and downs of saying no

[20:25] Dealing with the what if’s

[23:37] Becca’s message about being your own CEO

[25:42] How to tip the power balance

And many more! 


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