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Episode 7: Get Inspired with CEO, Dennis Thankachan

May 14, 2021 Hosted by Julie Mochan Season 1 Episode 7
The Translator by RiskPro
Episode 7: Get Inspired with CEO, Dennis Thankachan
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The Translator's host, Julie Mochan interviews Dennis Thankachan, CEO of about leaving the financial industry to start a business that offers its product and services to many industries, including the the financial industry.  Dennis shares his personal philosophy on knowing which path to take to be successful at doing what you have a passion for.

About RiskPro

RiskPro® is a revolutionary technology platform that provides risk profiling, portfolio construction, and automated account surveillance. Serving as the World’s First Virtual Portfolio Strategist, RiskPro evaluates and communicates risk for investors, advisors, and home offices, utilizing a common language that is simple to understand. RiskPro was developed by ProTools, LLC., a RegTech innovator headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.
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About Lightyear

Lightyear's software allows enterprises to buy and manage their telecom infrastructure (internet, voice, WAN, data center) on the web with a simple and transparent process. Lightyear's product is the go-to network procurement tool for companies like StockX, Curology, Lime, Roadrunner Transportation, and more. has raised $17M in venture capital from the first investors in Robinhood and Discord. 
To learn more about Lightyear, find their products, contact info and blog on their website at:

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Music By:  Araelia Lopatic

Intro Music and Julie's Preshow
Julie Talks about Dennis Thankachan
Julie Intro of Dennis
Dennis Early Years
Dennis Tells Us Original Motivations
Dennis talks Investment Banking world
Dennis moves to the Hedge Fund world
We talk Investor Emotions
"Dads" Investing
Leaving the Hedge Fund world
Dennis Sees a Clear Path in Telecom
Making the Jump To Start A New Business
Getting a New Company Off the Ground
What does Lightyear do?
Star Trek, Star Wars, or The Three Body Problem
Ghandi and Meditation
How to Raise the Capital to Start
Decide if You Are a Venture-Backable Company
First Step to Raising the Money
The Best Advice from Dennis