The Translator by RiskPro

Episode 8: Dare to Get Real with Expert Life/Leadership Coach Kerry Bestwick

July 22, 2021 Hosted by Julie Mochan Season 1 Episode 8
The Translator by RiskPro
Episode 8: Dare to Get Real with Expert Life/Leadership Coach Kerry Bestwick
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In this episode, The Translator's host, Julie Mochan, first gives ridiculous "Julie Tips for Re-Entry into the Office Atmosphere":

  • avoiding people ☕🤨
  • changing the dress code🤠
  • wearing shoes 👟👠👞
  • hair and make-up 👱🏽‍♂️💈💄

and then dives deep and gets real by asking many important questions of expert Life and Leadership Coach, Kerry Bestwick.  
Everyone from Executives, Professors, Athletes, Interns, Sports Teams, Students, Parents, can earn how to align your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual compass to start thriving , not just surviving your hectic life.   Also in this episode (not necessarily is this order): 

  • dealing with social media 
  • wearing a "mask" to keep up with your title 
  • reacting to emotions or numbing your emotions
  • Amy Cuddy's Fake it Til You Make It
  • energy vampires
  • accepting others 
  • serving yourself so that you can help others
  • living "above the center line"
  • starting your day by defining yourself
  • lots more things!

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About Kerry Bestwick:  "Kerry.Be" is illuminating the path for humans who wish to live their best lives versus simply survive. Kerry emigrated to the USA in 1999, beginning her quest for living her best life. She initiated her mission by acquiring extensive schooling in multiple physical fitness and personal training modalities, which quickly led her to the path of the Mind/Body connection. Since 2001, Kerry has been teaching yoga, mindfulness practices, and group experiences in multiple health clubs, at Penn State University, and beyond. Kerry is an Embodied Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach. Kerry works with the Bestwick Foundation programming; the Jana Marie Foundation on programming for youth; and she co-developed State High EmpowHER Group, a leadership group for young high school girls with a vision to LEAD powerfully. Kerry leads weekend and weeklong transformation retreats, having developed immersion programs such as her signature 40 Day Program and A.I.M Workshops. Kerry is the owner of PYP Studio, a Mind/Body fitness studio and co-owns Rothrock Coffee with her husband Jamie Bestwick, professional BMX athlete.

Intro Music By:  Araelia Lopatic

What is RiskPro?
Quick Kerry Bestwick Intro
Julie's Tips for Re-Office Entry
The Real Kerry Intro
I'm Not the Problem....
Getting "Naked"
Is Your Title Who You Are?
Am I Good Enough?
The Compass
Reacting to or Numbing Emotions
Why Am I Here? Core Values
Are You Selfish?
Self-Serving Vs Selfish
Kids Do Not Listen
Lead by Example, Honestly
Come As You Are
The Swamp
The Pond
Come Down To the Basement
Amy Cuddy's Fake it til You Make It
UnMasking Your C-Suite
The Pressure of Living as A Brand
Social Media - A Monster Feeder
Starting and Ending Your Day Good or Bad
No Knee Jerk Emails Please
Above Or Below the Line of Choice
A Big Fat Lie
4 days out of 7 = a WIN!
Can You Stop Being Perfectionist?!
Dealing With Energy Vampires
Kerry, Please Go To Capitol Hill
Opposition is the Easiest way
Getting to Acceptance
You are Most Likely wasting Time
Kerry Don't Play That
The One Thing That We Can Do
Kerry Defines Herself