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027#: Cancer Thriver Caroline Emile on how to transform an Adversity into an Advantage #WomenOfSubstance #Series

May 19, 2021 Ash Rao/Caroline Emile Episode 27
Passion To Profession
027#: Cancer Thriver Caroline Emile on how to transform an Adversity into an Advantage #WomenOfSubstance #Series
Show Notes

This episode is part of special series called 'Women Of Substance'  on Passion To Profession Podcast which covers  woman-centered stories!  Stories of success , resilience , courage , breaking stereotypes , building strong identity, overcoming adversities and many more !

This episodes features Cancer Thriver / TEDx Speaker / Happiness and Fulfillment Coach Caroline Emile !

Caroline sits down with Ash to share her journey of finding her strength while overcoming life changing adversity which in her case was fighting breast cancer and not just surviving but thriving through the whole experience .

Caroline talks about- 

  • Her journey all the way from breast cancer diagnosis to undergoing chemo therapy, radiation , surgery to finally becoming cancer free
  • How she made a decision to go through the treatment while not allowing it to change her true self 
  • How she found her happiness in little things during the course of her treatment whether it is wearing her signature red lipstick to chemo, getting a pink chair ,  talking to friends, walking outdoors - she stresses on how we need to find little things that makes us happy!
  • And lastly how she found her true purpose of helping others by sharing her life lessons through life coaching/ speaking events etc 

Caroline shares 3 best tips to transform any adversity into an advantage-

1. Believe that you are here for a reason - there is an unique purpose for each one of us . Find yours and embrace it !
2. Do things that make you happy - that will activate happy chemicals in your brain and help in overall well being .
3. Be open to redesigning your life - many times we are stuck in a box. Think of adversities in your life as an opportunity to make some changes , reinvent yourself and dont be afraid to take some risks!

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