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NXT 123 - Dr. Aimee Russo - Mounger | The Smile Spa

February 22, 2024 Andrew McLindon Season 4 Episode 123
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 123 - Dr. Aimee Russo - Mounger | The Smile Spa
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Dr. Aimee Russo – Mounger, Owner of The Smile Bar, is someone whose compassion is the strength of her business. She believes in her mission of wanting to create a stress-free environment and change people’s opinion of going to the dentist. It is crazy to think she almost did not follow this path of dentistry. While growing up in New Roads, LA, she had dreams of become a professional dancer in NYC. Somewhere down the line she, with guidance from her family, decided to choose the path of being a dentist and never looked back. We can’t wait to hear of what is next for Dr. Aimee Russo – Mounger including her plans to expand her services to the islands through The Smile Bar At Sea!

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The Smile Spa
Living in a Small Town
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The Gift of Influence
Staying in Shape