Out of Place

When Couples Argue

April 20, 2022 Steven Daniel Season 3 Episode 3
Out of Place
When Couples Argue
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Steven talks about the  most common arguments couples have.  Arguments that are easily avoidable but can be rough. For the What the Britt show, Britt talks toe rings and pass out games. King Ducky talks Will Smith and Game wardens. We also got some great debuts this episode so stick around for that.  Luna will be hosting Wine and Shine, Buffalo Bailey will be hosting High Noon, we got Sammy who will be hosting The Boom Box.

Steven Daniel as Main Host
Britt Nolan as Host of What the Britt?!
King Ducky as Host of King Ducky Show
Luna as Host of Wine and Shine
Sammy Reilly as Host of The Boom Box
Buffalo Bailey as Host of High Noon

Dani as Wife
Rachael Reagan as Wife (Intro Skit)
Carson Campbell as Doctor
Brendanian as Husband 2
Moorenarration as Mother-in-law and McDonald's Worker
Bmanthegoofball Friend (Intro Skit)
Slop0piermanx Georgie
Umi Fusion as Child
Ethan Phillips as McDonald's Worker 2

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Touchy Topic: When Couples Argue
What the Britt?!
The King Ducky Show
Wine and Shine
The Boom Box
High Noon