Out of Place

The Brittasode: Rumored Teeth Collection

July 12, 2022 Steven Daniel Season 3 Episode 5
Out of Place
The Brittasode: Rumored Teeth Collection
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Out of Place's first Brittasode.  Britt Nolan is the main host this episode as Steven drives across the country to his new home.  Listen to Aaron Swartz's blog before committing suicide narrated by Mitch Wilson.  Enjoy a read by Britt's husband of the popular short story A Nice Morning Drive. Alex Hopper covers the top news from the past month. Sammy talks about the fun audio found in the game Team Fortress 2. Buffalo Bailey talks about the history of country music. King Ducky talks about his toxic ex wife.

Britt Nolan as Main Host
Sammy Reilly as Host of The Boom Box
Buffalo Bailey as Host of High Noon
Alex Hopper as Host of Across The Circus
King Ducky as Host of the King Ducky Show

Steven Daniel as Doctor 1
Rachael as Doctor 2
Ariana Allegre as Patient
Jacob narrates: "A Nice Morning Drive" by Richard S. Foster
Mitch Wilson narrates a blog post by Aaron Swartz 

Instrumentals and SFX are from:

Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io?referral=steven-pmd

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Intro Skit
What the Britt?!
Aaron Swartz Blog narration by Mitch Wilson
A Nice Morning Drive narration by Jacob
Across the Circus with Alex Hopper
The Boom Box with Sammy Reilly
High Noon with Buffalo Bailey
The King Ducky Show