Out of Place

Enjoy Your Own Company

August 17, 2022 Steven Daniel Season 3 Episode 6
Out of Place
Enjoy Your Own Company
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For the touchy topic Steven talks about enjoying your own company. Britt compares Nashville to Las Vegas.King ducky tells a story about a prude crazy Karen who followed him home.  Luna talks about following your dreams. Alex talks world and local news that includes Finland and how they are no longer allowing Russian citizens to have visas within the country. Sammy talks Danganronpa. Buffalo Bailey talks mountain men.   Then at the end of the episode, Steven talks about his cross country adventure. 

Steven Daniel as Main Host

Britt Nolan as  Host of What the Britt

King Ducky as Host of the King Ducky Show

Luna as Host of Wine and Shine

Alex Hopper as Host of Across The Circus

Sammy Reilly as Host of The Boom Box

Buffalo Bailey as Host of High Noon 

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Intro Skit
Touchy Topic: Enjoy Your Own Company
What the Britt?!
The King Ducky Show
Wine and Shine
Across the Circus
The Boom Box
High Noon
Cross Country Adventure