Out of Place

Respect Is Dead

September 16, 2022 Steven Daniel Season 3 Episode 7
Out of Place
Respect Is Dead
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For the touchy topic, Steven talks about the lack of respect in America. Britt talks about the police. Sammy gives you some more Danganrompa.  King Ducky vents about the bad month he’s been having.  Buffalo Bailey talks about Labor Day and how it came to be.  Luna talks motivation and tells us as couple of her favorite horror movies.  Alex Hopper gives us world and local news and also goes into Argentinas education system.

Steven Daniel as Main Host

Britt Nolan as  Host of What the Britt

Sammy Reilly as Host of The Boom Box

King Ducky as Host of the King Ducky Show

Buffalo Bailey as Host of High Noon 

Luna as Host of Wine and Shine

Alex Hopper as Host of Across The Circus

Pete B. Puzzled as Alien 1
Ross K. Foad as Alien 2
JolapyVA as Human
Dearra as Narrator

Hocus Pocus Show:

Hard Hat and Hammer by Alan Jackson:

Instrumentals and SFX are from:

Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io?referral=steven-pmd

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Alien Skit
Out of Place Theme Song
Touchy Topic: Respect Is Dead
What the Britt?!
The Boom Box
The King Ducky Show
High Noon
Wine and Shine
Across the Circus