Out of Place

She's Toxic

May 15, 2021 Steven Daniel Season 2 Episode 5
Out of Place
She's Toxic
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For the Touchy Topic Steven talks about toxic women who destroys relationships, makes modern feminism toxic as well, and cause good men to go into hiding.  Britt talks about quitting and a woke individual tries to Karen a demon. 

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Out of Place we ain’t care about your feelings here.  Anytime anyplace you can feel it here. Steven Daniel out of space so we clear the air.  Any topic it ain’t safe so just be prepared.  Don’t assume keep it straight we might keep it fair.  Fuck the news.  Fuck a page. We gonna keep it real.  If you tune in, then you’re sick for real.  Fuck a Bluetooth.  We took the red pill.  Every image of the video we talk about it.  Different views on the subject we must talk about it.  At the end of the day we just talkin homie. Only me in the room but it’s like a party.  Introducing. Steven Daniel.  Author.  Artist.  All around great fucking guy. 

Steven Daniel Monologue 02:14

It’s okay to be a unicorn.  It’s okay to be a nerd...its okay to be a whore...its okay to hate those liberal Karens....its okay to do whatever you want. But what’s not okay. Is to stop at a yellow light when we both could’ve made it you dumb prick.  Hello Out of Place assholes! Hope your month was as good as it can be.  I am super happy to be outdoors again. My favorite outdoor activity right now is getting my packages at the door and bringing them in.  Love it. Favorite activity. Because I’m still not ready to deal with people again...like the first day here when  Disneyland finally opened you got stupid woke bastards that  decided to complain that the Snow White ride needs to be canceled because Snow White didn’t give consent to kissing.  Are you fucking kidding me.  I’m not ready to physically be next to these sensitive woke fucking pricks.  I’m not.  And you know that they are just as annoying as the shitheads that get offended on behalf of another group.  You know? Why do these people do this? Why do they fight for people that most of the time those people  have no fucking problems? Mos of these people that are doing all the arguing and shit. They’re white people. I don’t get it.  And they feel so proud of that shit too.  If you are that person just know it is 100 times more racist like the Voter ID shit.  How ignorant do you have to be to think that black people are incapable of getting ids. We need identification for almost everything. Here’s my id to buy some alcohol.  To buy some cigarettes. To open a bank account. To get into the theme park.  To use food stamps.  To check in at the hotel.  To go on a flight.  To go cruising. To go into a club.  To drive a car.  To rent a car.  To get married.  To adopt a pet. To get a fishing license.  To get cash back at GameStop.  To buy a $900 phone.  To gamble at a casino.  To pick up a prescription.  To donate blood.  To buy a mature rated video game at the store.  To buy medicine.  To buy a lotto ticket.  To petition.  To cash a check.  To use a credit card.  To buy a BB gun.  To get a hunting license.  To serve on jury duty.  To make a large money transaction.  To apply for a job.  To get a loan.  To apply for school.  To check out a book at the library.  To volunteer.  To ride the train.  I want to vote.  Okay.  Well, let me see some ID .....HOW DARE YOU! THAT’S RACIST!  Fucking stupid assess.  I hate these people so much.  I mean they get offend by everything.  Then they demand that everybody else needs to change what they are doing.  Like, you can’t say this word.  You cant say that.  And you need to stop doing this or be punished for doing something in the past.  And everything needs to be censored or canceled.  Who the fuck do you think you are? That is some narcissistic and entitled bullshit. You motherfucker are so arrogant to believe that the rest of the world needs to accommodate to you and your sensitivities and insecurities.  You know what its like.  It’s like saying.  Hey everybody I’m broke.  I don’t want to work.  And if I do its only for a little bit.  But I need you all to pay my rent.   I already have a family member that is gullible enough to send me money for food because I don’t want to work.  But I really really need everyone to send me money so that ya’ll can pay my rent.  You know? So I don’t have to pay for it. Because I already bought a new Iphone, I already leased my car.  I bought a ps5.  Pay my rent.  That’s what it’s like.  This is how those people think.  These are the same people that hate their own country.  You know hating your country is like hating your parents but still living with them.  Just move the fuck out already and be happy somewhere else.  But the thing is, the rest of the world doesn’t want them either so we’re stuck with them.  I’m offended.  Whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  I’m offended.  That sticks and stones stuff?  We used to teach children that.  I remember one time going to my stepfather and told him about some other kid. I told him he called me stupid.  And he asked me.  Well, are you stupid? No.  Then you’re not stupid, move on that kid just a dipshit. I’m offended. These are grown adults that are like I was offended.  I’m hurt.  My feelings are hurt.  I’m offended. GROW THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH IT! MOVE THE FUCK ON! You know what happens when get offended? You know what happens? Nothing happens when you’re offended. NOTHING! GEEZ!  Will I ever stop being an asshole?  Find out in a moment on, “ I think the fuck not!” For todays touchy topic I am going to piss off a lot of women.  Haven’t really pissed off a lot of people since the “Politics Sucks” episode.  That one I pissed of conservatives for not being conservative enough.  I pissed off liberals for not being liberal enough. And for this episode my target is women.  Not the good women.  Toxic women that ruin relationships.  That ruin feminism.  And have made all the good men go into hiding.  We got a very short huh VO Nonsense about a Karen type dummy going to hell.  Britt does her thing.  And there will be no Big Vinny and Lenny this episode but they did leave me this message....so lets listen and then we will move on to the touchy topic. 

Big Vinny and Lenny Voicemail 07:17

Touchy Topic Intro Song performed by Courtney Bess 07:48

Time to get touchy.  Get ready to be triggered.  Sensitive topics.  Oh look their about to cry.  All can sense a wussy.  Nobody likes a snowflake.  What is Steven’s problem today? 

Steven Daniel 08:03

Where are all the good men at? I’ve been seeing so many women lately complain about this.  Single women.  Women that are in shit relationships.  Women that have shit lazy husbands or boyfriends. Where are all the good men at?  I know where they’re at.  They are hiding.  The good ones are the smarter ones.  They have either found the right woman that can treat them right or they know how to hide from the so many toxic women that have made modern feminism toxic.  You know those toxic women that make all women look bad.  They are the reason all the good men are nowhere to be found.  Because they don’t want to be found.  And It sucks for all the good women out there. There are so many non-toxic women who are single and having a really hard time finding a good man.  These women don’t want to just hook up. They want that amazing relationship that they’ve dreamed of for a long time.  These great women have to be left standing there asking why can these men just simply say, “can I take you to dinner? Can I take you out?  Or just open a simple door for them. It sucks and toxic women are the ones to blame. Like I said the good men are being more cautious now. Men are trying to stay away from the toxic women who say, “I don’t want a good morning text.  I want a good morning transfer into my bank account.” And That shits real by the way. Women have actually said and believe this. Then you look at the comments and other toxic women are praising that woman for saying that.“Go get yours! As you should! You are a queen!  Fuck men!”  Men are not treated like human beings anymore.  They are treated as a bank account.  These women keep going around saying all men are trash.  Then when they finally meet a decent human being.  When they finally meet a decent man. He is instantly friend zoned.  And the fucked part is that he will remain a friend like a fucktard.  I don’t know why we stay friends but we do.  Maybe. I don’t know.  Maybe cause hope.  Another thing that sucks about the friend zone is that the good smart women have to friend zone because they know that most men out there, the toxic men, just want to fuck instead of getting to know them.  So it’s the toxic men’s fault for the friends zone as well.  Anyways.  That man that those toxic women brushed away would have treated them like royalty.  And then they wonder what happened to all the good men.  They are in your friend zone.  Society does not value men unless they have money or they are handsome as hell. It’s the truth.  Good men are getting tired of being good men to ungrateful toxic women. Someone asked me not that long ago. What does it mean to be a man? Here’s what it means to be a man in 2021!  It means that I, as a man, will always be the villain. It means that i am guilty of shit that other fucked up men have done.  It means that I have to protect and respect women.  But I’m told that is not enough to be a good guy.  It means I got to open the door for women but it is misogynistic because I’m demeaning her as a woman and taking away her right to open doors.  Being a man means that we are more than likely to drop out of school.  It means having a higher chance of mental issues.Means higher suicide rates.  Being a man means working as hard as we can in the competitive workplace and no one will care how stress we are.  Being a man is having to die in war. Being a man means a higher chance of being homeless. Means we will get a harsher punishment for the same crime that women do.  Means that  we will lose child custody rights because courts favor women.  Men are taught that if we find a women we better hold on to her whether they are toxic or not because we would be so lucky to even have a woman.  Growing up, in my family, I’ve witness so many toxic relationships.  Some of these couples are still together and it blows my fucking mind. Watching these Puerto Rican women, and not all Puerto Rican, before I keep going, not all Puerto Rican are bad before I get my family all up my ass. But I’ve watch many Puerto Rican women emotionally abuse their man and it scared me into staying away from Puerto Ricans.  I mean My high school sweetheart was a Puerto Rican but her fucking mother was insane.  She was the toxic woman. Throughout life all I heard was happy wife. Happy life. But what if she is toxic. What is there is no way to make her happy.  Hispanics have a traditional lifestyle. Men have their roles.  Women have their roles.  When I got married I was the one who broke away from that shit and was like I want to chill.  She wants to chill.  Let’s do  this fucking thing together so we both can chill.  I just wanted to change that whole way of thinking. Right before i got married I had a family member tell me.  Here is the two golden rules to have a happy marriage.  One, the wife is always right.  Two, when you feel she is wrong punch your self in the balls and remember number one.  This whole thinking, growing up, thats the norm.  And it’s fucked.  That was the norm.  And it’s still the norm. And today? This is how it is today. Let’s paint a whole picture of how it is today. How marriage is today.  A woman would say I want marriage.  The man says okay.  Woman says I want kids.  Man says okay.  They get married. Right? Great. They have kids.  Great. Woman doesn't want the high paying jobs.  Woman doesn't want to be competitive.  Woman wants to work where they are comfortable.  Man has to be competitive at work and  has to work harder and longer for that higher paying job.  Woman complains that man is working too much.  Need to do stuff around the house in man’s time off.  Man does the right thing and helps around the house as he should.  Barely any free time to himself but man understands that this is life.  Comes home tired.  Wife bitches about not spending time with kids.  Man understand that he needs to be a good father and spends time with his kids as he should. Woman goes to her friends and says the romance is gone.  that he is never around. Always too tired. And that her man doesn't give her enough attention. Friend agrees with the woman  and says the woman deserve better. Woman goes on social media. Another man says she is beautiful and that he can’t stop thinking about her. Woman rejects playfully. Woman comes home to find her husband gaming, watching sports, or going to go out to play golf.  Woman gets really mad for man taking time to himself.  Calls him selfish. Woman gets message again from the other man. This time the message says, “come on. let me come over just for coffee.”  Woman being still mad at her husband gives in. Says “okay, but only for coffee.” Woman has an affair with a different man. Man finds out and ask how the woman could do this to him.  Woman responds with he made me feel special. Man and woman get a divorce.   Woman keeps house and takes most of the man’s money. Man is struggling to find a small home because he wants to be close to his kids.  Woman stays in the house with a different man. Woman does not want the kids hating her when they miss their dad.  Woman says to the kids that daddy is living a new life now and does not have time for them.  Man is lonely.  Man has no woman to hold him.  Has no children to hug.  Man cries and drinks. Woman continues to lie to her kids. Says it is their father’s fault because he mistreated and ignored their mother for years.  Woman  complains on social media.  Social media friends support her.  Man gets no support. Maybe from man’s mother.  Man finally finds love again.  Woman says to kids that dad is having more fun with new girlfriend while their mom has to care of them.  Woman does not let man see his kids until she gets child support.  That paycheck. Man gets heart broken again because new woman does not want to deal with baby mama drama.  So man is lonely again.  Friend of man advises to go online.  Man only sees toxic women online.  So man is lonely for a long time.  Man tells children that he loves them and misses them.  Children remember all that their mother had told them and dismisses his love and affection. Man confronts woman about lying.  Woman does not care about what she has done.  Man is mad.  Man is hated by all. Man is depressed.  Now, It is so sad to know that this is so common around the world.. that  There are so many toxic women that do this shit. Over and over.  I’m not talking about one woman.  It’s just spread out.  It’s just common.  It’s just how it is. Men are not loved and valued for who they are....only for what they can provide. See what I’ve seen in my life. A woman loses her job.  and I’ve seen this through family and friends.  A women loses her job and the man will say.  You know what? We’ll figure it out. We’ll do this.  We’ll knock it out.  Trust me we’ll do this and they will support each other.  Right? Everything is good. But as soon as the man.  And its not every relationship. Okay.  It’s just right know what we’re dealing with.  Young women that are toxic. Anyways when a man loses his job.  “I don’t think our marriage is going to last.  I don’t think our relationship is going to last. I need somebody.  I need a man who can support me. How can we do this? I don’t want to struggle. I don’t want to go to live in a smaller home. I don’t want to live in a different neighborhood. I am comfortable.” It sucks.  There will always be someone out there who’s willing to exploit the little bit that men do have. Being a man in todays society is difficult. Listen to this clip I saw on social media. It broke my heart that this young man, not just him, just many young men are dealing with relationships right now.  How their dealing with it.  Check it out.

Audio clip of struggling young man 17:18

Being a man in todays society in my experience.  Is giving and giving and giving and giving.  And ignoring what I want and need to give to those around me.  I know that I’m terrified of intimacy.  I’m terrified of getting falsely accused.  I am scared to death of trying to meet new people. I don’t like people being around me.  I don’t like being vulnerable. When I’m vulnerable and I give you that power and that is scary. And I can’t express that because I feel that you will respect me less. I can’t talk about what’s going on.  And I cannot tell you why I am hurt because it becomes what about them and not about me.  And I end up turning to strangers on the internet who seem to care more about whether or not I’m on this side of the grass than the people who tell me time and time again, “if something wrong, just phone.” 

Steven Daniel 18:09  

Do you want to know what it’s like for a good guy to be rejected.  The good guy is almost always ignored because these women are attracted to toxic men. This is what it’s like for a good man to get rejected by women today. It’s like going to an interview. Right? And they say.  Wow your resume is great! You have the experience we are looking for.  You have the training we needed someone to have. Great. You communicate well.  You take care of yourself. You’re absolutely perfect.  But we are not going to to hire you.  Instead, we are going to hire someone who is not qualified at all and has a drug problem. Thank you for coming in though. You were great. You did nothing wrong.  Sorry. You did nothing wrong.  I mean look at your education alone.  Wow! We just can’t but do you mind if we use this perfect resume to judge all the other applicants and is it okay if we call you anytime we want so that we can complain about the other candidates to you.  You know, the candidates that are just so horrible.  That would be great.  They keep on rejecting the good men.  Then ten years later and a couple of baby daddies later.  “I never found the good man.  All men are dogs and pieces of shit.”  Fucking hell. I am so very happy that I don’t have to deal with this shit right now. All this frustration comes from seeing everyone around me.  Seeing single good men in my family going through this.  Seeing my great women friends and family going through this. They all know that toxic women are ruining it all.  My wife might have her faults just like I do.  We may have problems.  But she is nowhere near and I’m talking miles away from acting like these toxic women.  It’s so bad out there.  You know she’s has asked me if we would re-marry if we weren’t together anymore.  I said fuck no.  She laughed and said yeah right.  I said.  Do you see what the fuck is going on around here today.  Fuck that.  I’m not starting over to deal with all the toxic cunts out there.  She knows! We make fun of them all the time. This is how we work.  If I pay for lunch, she will pay for dinner.  If she pays for the movie tickets, I buy the snacks.  If I buy her shoes she goes and buys me som nice clothes.  If I’m having a fucked day. She does everything she can to help me out.  Why does she do this? It’s because she understands that she cannot expect me to treat her like a queen if she doesn't treat me like a king!   We treat each other like royalty!  And that’s what we do!  That’s what you should do! I don’t understand the thinking of young women and young men today. What happened to hey you’ve been working all day.  I’ll do the bed time routine with the kids and don’t worry about making dinner. What happened to hey you did dinner let me do the dishes or do what my wife and I do. Doesn’t matter who cooked.  Well, most of the time it’s me that cooks because I love cooking. But we knock that shit out together. We clean the dishes together.  What ever happened to making each others life easier. Instead you got toxic women on their fucking high horse thinking that they are the greatest thing to ever live because they went into labor.  Since they gave men children.  They can be however they want.  And the big problem is that the toxic women want traditional men.  They want a man that will protect them.  They want a man that will serve them. They want a man that will provide for them.  They want a man that will take care for them. But what they don’t want to be traditional women. They want to enjoy the fucking benefits of feminism without doing any of the traditional things. They look at men and say to them, hey i need you to make that money. I need you to be taller.  I need you to have those abs. I need you to give me kids.  I need you to...and it’s just go on and on.  That is why good guys are hiding because they have woken up. They are realizing that in their roles they are stuck.  They have to always be the same.  They don’t change.  They can’t change. But women roles are negotiable.  Women can do whatever the fuck they want. So good men are not committing anymore. And whose fucking left? Men that are not descent men.  These fucked men see the world.  They hear all of these toxic women making these rules.  Right? They hear all the rules.  And then they start thinking, well, If women don’t want to be traditional wives anymore.  I’m just going to fuck em and toss em. That’s what they want. Right. This is their thinking.   And now they think, hey it’s okay to ignore women.  They think it’s okay to treat women like shit because it looks like they like it.  These toxic men only hook up with women when they need an ego boost.  And that is why we have the hook up culture that we have now.  I mean it is way easier to fuck a woman now so you don’t have to be attached anymore now.  And today like I said it’s fuck em and leave em.   If I was single it would be so easy to meet and fuck even for a big man like myself.  But I couldn’t that.  I couldn’t  bring myself to do that.  I may be sensitive and old school.  But if I’ma fuck a women.  I want a connection with that woman first. I want that mind blowing sex that come with that connection. Those toxic women made this bullshit a reality. Those toxic women help create the hook up culture. Those toxic women made the good men go into hiding which gives good woman the choice of choosing either a toxic man or a toxic man.  Those are the only fucking choices. The  soy boy pussy toxic men. And what the fuck are the good men suppose to do.  If we look at a woman that makes us a creep. If we give a woman a compliment, that is cat calling and super disrespectful. And If men try to explain to them that its just a compliment. Oh! Now it’s mansplaining. I want to so bad to tell young men today to not marry. Too many toxic young women out there.   And It seems that none of them are worth marrying.  Toxic women like to paint men with a broad brush.  If you think that all men are bad people, you are a piece of shit.  This type of thinking only works if all men were the same.  If we looked the same.  Acted the same.  Talk the same. Guess what?  We don’t.  And what’s funny is that those toxic women who say that we need to teach boys to not be toxic are the ones teaching and raising these boys.  So it looks like They created the problem. This whole toxic feminism shit, I’m sick of it.  It went from equality, which is great, to just pure man hating. Even the LGBTQ+ community is getting tired of these fucking toxic women.  They are. Lately that’s all I’ve been seeing. Is both of them fighting together.  Because right now. Because right now the LGBTQ+ community and the woke people are walking around not saying mother.  On Mother’s Day they had refused to say mothers.  Instead, birthing people.  So they’re pissing each other off. So anyways. And then you got like on Tik Tok, there are so many toxic couples pranking each other.  They make things worse.  Before I forget, yesterday I saw this video that had me cracking up. I saw this toxic woman saying, “ don’t cook. I don’t clean. Let me tell you how i got this ring.” Then her daughter walked by and said, “you were nice until he married you and then you showed your true colors.” It’s funny but sad because it’s true.  Anyways, on social media toxic women pretend to cheat on their boyfriends to see their reaction.  Finding ways to push their buttons for popularity.  For clout.  Then I see the fucktard men doing the same thing back.  These toxic couples don’t see the problem. They also are doing this thing now, which is funny but still fucked.  The young man asks the young woman if they are  going back to his place you know to fuck or is it okay if he could play games.  They are usually asking one or the other.  But as soon as the woman says no, the man asked to split the check.  And the woman’s reactions is always like what the fuck you’re suppose to pay.  Its funny to me, but pretty fucked on both ends.  I’ve seen so many let’s do some bullshit to see my girlfriend’s or wife’s reaction.  Let’s do that bullshit to see my boyfriend’s or husband’s reaction.  What the hell are their problem?  What the fuck are they thinking?  I know when I think logically.  They just, they are doing it for popularity.  I get it, but like I said they’re making it worst.  Like the one I fucking hate right now.  “Just text my girl.  He’s busy sis. Let’s see what happens.” Then the girlfriend drives over pissed as shit.  All I think of is the hurt that the girlfriend is feeling.  The whole drive she’s thinking that her relationship has crashing. Her relationship has come to end.  Let’s talk about abortions now. Toxic women like to favor abortions.  I don’t have a problem with it.  Their body their choice.  They have to live with that guilt.   I don’t give a shit, but I don’t want to pay for it  I don’t.  If a woman wants to get an abortion.  She should pay for it.  I don’t want it in a tax plan, but whatever.  I’m stuck having to fucking do it.  So fuck it.  I don’t give a shit.  I don’t have to deal with the emotional fucking thing that comes with it.  I don’t.  I don’t care. These women want to scream you know with the rape and the incest and all that shit.  And when you look the percentages, it’s small.  The reason why I don’t want to pay for it is because the majority, when you look at it the majority it’s just like:  “I don’t want to use a condom.  I just want to fuck.  Oops!  I got pregnant.  Now I got to get an abortion.”  Anyways this is the thing that pisses me off about the abortions. Is that these toxic women.  When they go through the abortions, they don’t care at all what the baby daddy feels.  I mean they get lucking if they want to go through the abortions and the baby daddy doesn't want a kid. I get it, okay fine.  You both are in agreement.  But there are some men out there who do want to be a dad.  Who finds out o about the pregnancy and is super excited.  But that toxic woman would say fuck what the man thinks, because it’s their body.  The father has no fucking say, and it sucks.  These toxic women think that all men want an out.  That is not the case.  There are men out there who want to be the best father that they can be.  But they don’t get a say.  Listen to this quick clip of a man outside of an abortion clinic begging his girlfriend to not go through with it. 

Man outside the abortion clinic 27:37

Please don’t kill our baby. Abby, don’t kill our baby. Abby! I’m such a good dad. I took care of her kids too and...she doesn’t take care of her own kids. 

Steven Daniel 27:56

I don’t know how you toxic women can’t feel for him.  I don’t understand you toxic women at all.  I don’t.  There was this one time. One of my women friends friend. Did I say that right?  Yeah, her friend was struggling to open a jar of pickles to put on a burger. You know. She was frustrated so I offered to help.  This is what she said to me, “Why because ur a man?  You think I can’t do it? Huh? Because I’m a woman? With little hands and you are here to save the day! I need to be saved.” She kept on going and I ignored the rest. I said fuck it and left. The funny thing is I craved pickles leaving there and went right to the store to get some.  Too many fake fucking toxic women out there.  What’s funny is that they got fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake hair, and these women with all the fake shit are looking for a real man.  I laugh but it’s sad and depressing at the same time.  Like I said, fake fucking people.  And the men has to hold everything in.  They have to be fake themselves to the world.  You would be surprised how many times a man sits in his car, in the living room, in the bathroom, in the shower, in the bed.  Just siting there.  Holding in his tears.  Holding in his pain because he is stressed out. He’s Hurt. He’s lost.  He is ready to give up on the world and ready to give up on life.  But when he shows his face again in public he looks perfectly fine. And he still manages to smile and go about his business. Like nothing ever happened.  Why? Because he is man.  And men are not pussies. Right?  That’s what we learned growing up.  Men are not suppose to show emotion or we will be considered wusses.  Another thing that these toxic women do is look at an overweight woman, this pisses me off, and this overweight woman is happily with a man and then these women.  These toxic women say, “I can’t even get a man to text me. Why does she get a man and I don’t?” What the fuck? That toxic woman is assuming that love has everything to do with looks and if anyone who doesn’t look like her is not capable of finding love.  That is pretty fucked and it just shows how shallow these toxic bitches are.  These are the same women that are killing chivalry. I’ve been told by women, especially in the Bay Area, to not hold the door for them.  I’m serious.  I’ve held the door open for men and women and I’ve had a woman say to me, “You don’t need to open the door for me.”  I just said just go in I’m hungry. Just go.  And she went in all pissy and shit.  I will always open doors for everybody. I do. I’ve said this before in another episode.  But I wait by wife’s door to open it for her.  If I’m in the car waiting with the kids while she is just going into the store real quick and I see her coming.  I will do my best, and only if I see her and not on my phone, but I will do be best to get out of driver side.  Walk over, give her a kiss, and open the door because she is my queen.  Listen you crazy toxic woman.  Not every man that is nice to you is flirting with you.  Some mothers just raised them to be gentleman.  Before I forget.  I heard this the other day.  Some woman saying this, “If a girl goes out with a bunch a men she’s a hoe but when a guy goes out with a bunch a women he gets praised for it.”  And this fucking woman was pissed about this and she had a lot to say about it. You want to know why this is the case.  Women hold all the power.  Women hold all the sexual rights.  Remember, we live in a hook up culture that toxic women created.  Women decide who and where and how they want to fuck. Think about it.  A man wants to smash right. And he is not Ryan Gosling or any sexy male celebrity.  Doesn’t have that body.  It would be a little harder for him right?  But for a woman, instant.  Doesn’t matter what she looks like. What size she is.  Men just want to fuck.  So all a woman has to do is give a green light. So men don’t have any control over this shit and if they do and the woman doesn't want it. That’s went is rape.  But also when a woman is forcing, but you know you can’t touch that subject because it’s laughable when a man gets rape but it happens.  Anyways, men are only allowed to sleep with who we are told to sleep with. And women will sleep with whoever they want to.  That is why women cheat more than men.  It looks like men cheat more because  Men are  idiots and they’re not as sneaky as women and men are fucking loud about it.  I don’t know why.  But we’re loud about it. They get caught so easily.  Women are so much better at manipulating and hiding. And a lot of women won’t even admit their affair to their best friend.  Women sexualize things way more. It’s fucking confusing.  Just Look at the Only Fans page.  It’s a fucking scam.  The excuse these toxic women use is that it’s a business.  It’s liberating and empowering.  Nah, its a scam.  Why is it a scam?  You are literally selling shit to people that they could get for free. Porn is free.  You don’t have to pay for it  and if you do, you’re a fucking idiot.  And these toxic people like to blow up on others who disagree with this.  I just see it as another way to show how women are privileged.  At least in America.  Men don’t give a fuck if you want all the rights and shit.  We don’t give a fuck if you want to be rich and get paid. We don’t give a fuck.  We don’t!   But what we want is for you toxic women to stop talking to men like you're men.  Stop  forcing that equality narrative and then turn around and do the opposite and expect to be treated like a fucking woman.  You toxic women want all the equality.  Right?  But as soon as we call you a bitch or a cunt.  “How can you say that? How can you say that? I’m a woman.” Fucking hypocritical.  And here’s another example of toxic women being hypocritical.   Let’s say that the wife or girlfriend has had a girls night out and they slept over at a hotel. And she texts him.  Hey babe just letting you know we’re are checking out in a bit.  Husband texts back.  Hey, take your time babe. Ya’ll should have brunch you know before you head back. You know?  Still extend that a little bit.  Alright?  I’m good. We’re good. I’m here.  I’m just chilling. Playing Call of Duty.  Just do your thing. And the women text back. Right? Saying, hey that’s a good idea.  I’ll hit you up after brunch, okay.  They exchange I love yous and blah blah blah. Right? And then four hours later.  Now the man is loving this.  Because he’s there at home.  He’s playing Call of Duty with his boy.  Uninterrupted.  Probably got some DoorDash of his favorite food that she always says no to.  He’s having the time of his life.  She’s having the time of her life.  And then she texts. Hey, sorry! We had brunch and then lost track of time.  And then he texts. Hey, it’s all good.  I mean like I said. She’s happy so there’s a lot of positivity.  He’s happy.  A lot of positivity.  You know he got to game.  She got to chill. There’s a lot of positivity.  So he texts. Hey, it’s all good. It’s all good.  You know.  Did you have fun? And she’s like, yeah yeah. You know what it’s good. it’s good. I’m so glad we did it. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to tell you all the stuff that we were doing.  And then he goes, you know what? I would love to do the same with my boys.  Just get away.  You know?  Just like you did.  It sounds like you had fun.  Now I want that too.  So what was the hotel again?  What was the name of the hotel that ya’ll stayed at? I might book at the same hotel because from the pictures that you showed me, it looked really nice.  And it looks very chill. All of the sudden, not positive anymore.  Not happy anymore. Yeah right.  You’re not sleeping over at a hotel. Her man text back, well why not? Because I don’t trust you.  I don’t trust you staying alone and there’s a possibility of another women coming and sleeping with you in the same room. And then he texts back.  Well, that’s fucked up because I trusted you.  Why can’t you do the same? 

You had brunch for a few hours and how do I know you didn’t spend the night with another guy? Huh? She’ll text back. Now , it’s a fight. Now they’re both a little pissed. They’re both frustrated.  And she’ll text back, why would I have a night away from you to be with another guy? That doesn’t make sense she.  I’m not like that.  And then he says,  hell well exactly.  I trusted you.  Why can’t you trust me? And then the women will say, I can’t believe you’re doing this. You are ruining my vacation. And then she ignores his calls and text and so on.  You know the rest of the story.  This is what toxic women do all the time.  Another example of toxic women being hypocritical and that I’ve seen lately that also pisses me off.  I’ve seen toxic women get mad at their husband or boyfriend for buying a PS5 or an XBOX Series X or a nice PC build.  Right? Or maybe some gaming or movie or show memorabilia.  Some type of nerdy shit.  Whatever it is, these women, they get all mad.  This is what pisses me off, the price tag on that one item that they’re pissed at is nowhere near the amount that these women spend.  Because all I think about is, well what about those clothes that you wear once or twice? What about those shoes that pile up in the closet because you only buy this shoe for this outfit and it doesn't match with anything else. I get it because I love clothes shopping for my wife. I love it.  And she loves it too because it’s kind of like, hey I kind of get a say on how bad ass my wife looks. I get a say and I love it.  So I participate and I’m like hey, this shoes and this.  We’re going to fucking do it.  And I told her I will go shopping as long as she wants, as long as she feeds me. Not cooking or anything.  No, taking me to my favorite restaurant.  That’s it.  So we go shopping and after we’re done, we go eat.  Anyways, what about their concert tickets? Starbucks, wallets, purses, make-up, hair products, sun glasses.  Always losing those shits.  All these little accessories. Right? The jewelry. The fake jewelry from Pandora or Claire’s and the ones that are pricey.  And sandals, and I know I said shoes but to a woman?  Men understand this.  To a woman, sandals and shoes are not the same thing. Just one of these items women spend so much money on and good women they see the fairness.  They get it, but these toxic woman they get so pissed about what these men are buying that I’ve seen them grab these items and just throw it out the window. Throw it over the balcony.  Smash it with the hammer just because and then they put it on the internet like their proud of that shit and its fucked. Toxic women have an ego problem.  They cant do the bare minimum.  They cannot be polite or even say thank you.  They say they don’t need a man. Well, like I said before.  The smart man is figuring this out.  Listen, this is what they are figuring out.  They are learning that they can get a descent paying job that enables them to not live with their parents anymore and to live on their own.  They just gotta get a decent size place of their choosing.  They can choose whatever the hell they want to live. They can have as many friends as they want.  They don’t have to clean.  They can hire someone to do it.   And if they want to fuck? They can pay enough to fuck somebody.  That’s it. Why does he need to be in a relationship   Men don’t need to be in a relationship anymore.   Men don’t need to be married.  Watch when it is affordable to fuck a realistic looking robot.  A robot feels like a real woman and it’s very affordable.  Toxic women will be alone.   It will definitely be an all time low for marriage and pregnancies. You’ll see.  It’s funny, you know what these toxic woman will say? When you ask them why do men need women? You know what they’ll say.  They’ll say they could learn a couple of things from a woman you know like love. They think that men are incapable of love.  A woman has to teach them.  Because they think that women are more passionate.  “Whatever, my high heels are bigger than your dick.  Well the fucking air filter in my minivan is cleaner than your toxic pussy.  I heard someone say that a love time ago.  I don’t know where I heard it, but I remember laughing so hard. If you think that’s too mean.  That right there. What I just said.  That was too mean? Well, toxic women are beyond mean.  Making that comment seem like PG.  I don’t get how easy it is for them to be so horrible to men and not just men.  They are also mean to women too. They normalized being toxic. Many of them have made it a personality trait.  Then when you call them out on their shit,  they don’t take no accountability for it.  It is always somebody else’s fault.  They are rude and beyond disrespectful and they blame it their zodiac sign and of course men.  Another annoying thing they do is praise, worship, and idolize toxic celebrities. And they will abuse and ridicule other women who don’t agree. Oh you don’t like Cardi B.  She is basically the empowerment of the girls today! Yeah, but didn’t she like drug and rob and assault men? No no no. It was a man  and she literally said she didn’t assault him.  So you can’t rape men.  They like it. And by the way men are irrelevant.  All guys like to sexually assault people. Men are pigs.  Cardi b is the best!  But Cardi B does not show you how to respect yourself. She attacks women. She Promotes violence.  She Drugs men and steal their money.  She is unfit to be a role model in my opinion. She has descent music, but ain’t no role model. Come on.  Whatever! You don’t know shit. That right there?  Those type of people that you see especially on twitter.  Those type of people drive me fucking nuts.  The followers, the mindless robots, the sheeples.  They can’t think for themselves.  They can’t think logically.  These are the same women that count on their looks to get everything they want.  But guess what sweetheart?  And its funny because they don’t like to be called sweetheart. Call a toxic woman sweetheart.  It’s hilarious.   But sweetheart, use your looks to leverage whatever you could get for now. Right?  Just do it because it’s going to run out.  Then all you are going to have is who you are as a person and if you have not spent time, energy and put in the effort to be the best version of yourself.  You will be falling apart, alone, and fucked.  Toxic women like to talk about the patriarchy. Right?  You want to talk about that? You think you know a lot about that?  You think you’re oppressed in America? Talk to an Asian woman.  In China they would drown the baby girls in the river  because they only want to have a boy.  Talk to a woman from India.  Talk to a woman from Afghanistan, from Syria, from Somalia, from Saudi Arabia, from Pakistan, from Yemen, from Nigeria.  Listen, the list can go on and on.  I mean, this one of the reasons why most of the world don’t like Americans.  Because most of Americans are fucking ignorant. Go ahead you crazy toxic bitch.  Talk to these women if you feel oppressed in America.  I hope they punch you in the throat.  I really do.  I hope they punch you in the fucking throat and wake you the fuck up. Another thing that toxic women do that frustrates me,  is hitting a man. Getting in the man’s face and slapping them around.  That’s not okay to do, but so many young toxic women think that this is okay to do. I’m just going to hit the guy knowing that he cannot do anything about it.  A couple of weeks ago, and this is the actual thing that got me wanting to talk about toxic women.  This video got me pissed.  There was this woman who was slapping and yelling at this young man.  They look like they were in high school or something.  I don’t remember, but she kept on hitting and getting in this guys face.  Everyone else was just laughing.  He finally grabbed her and pushed her out of the way.  Didn’t hit her.  Didn’t punch her.  She just like he was up against the desk so he just grabbed her and push her out of the way and I guess she tripped fell back and fell on her ass.  Not her face.  Not nothing.  Didn’t get hurt and she just fell on her ass and the whole fucking class just stood there after she fell in silence looking at the guy like he did something so horrible.  But she gets a pass.  She was the innocent one.  I don’t care  how young, old, big, small or whatever.  And just so you know, before I keep going,  I will never beat a woman up, unless they were a zombie.  I know that a real man should never beat a woman.  I was taught this by my father. The women came out of a man’s rib.  Not from his feet to be walked on and from his head to be superior but from his side to be equal.  Under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.  So I know never to do beat on a women. But if I was in his shoes? I would have done the same thing. Just slide her over and  push her away because I would be defending myself.  Not slap her.  Not punching her.  Not grabbing, pulling her hair.   None of that.  Just push her enough to get her off me so I can leave.  That’s what I would do.  And that video pissed me the fuck off. Lately I’ve seen another dumb trend.  I’ve been hearing women say this, If they are not getting what they need to get from you, from men, they will be getting it from someone else. That is so depressing.  They are the reason why that 80/20 thing exist.  What is the 80/20 thing? It is when there is a man that is right in front of you that does almost everything right.  Things that make them stand out as above average. But it is not good enough.  I’ve seen a man who was a great husband and a great father.  Did everything women dream of their man doing, but he did not make a lot of money and was overweight.  His wife end up cheating on him because of that 20 percent. That thing that was missing for her.  She wanted a fit man and someone that made a lot of money.  But that man, that fit man,  did not do everything her husband did.  She settled for 20 percent instead of 80 percent. They did a good job of showing this in the movie Why did I Get Married, except that the roles were reversed.  Women and men who think like that? Who wants something that they don’t have? Are the toxic fuckers that ruin it for everybody.  My wife tells this to people all the time, something that she learned from her mother.  The grass may be greener on the other side but their water bill is higher.  Remember that.  Women should inspire their man to be the best version of themselves.  Not talk down to them. Not when your man ran a red light on accident and say, “what are you fucking stupid?”  Not go on Tik Tok and say, “how do you know your man won’t cheat on you by not telling me he won’t cheat on you?”  And show him in his most vulnerable ways because he’s a nerd or overweight. Don’t do shit like that. And you men. You good men that do everything right but get bulldozed by society and these toxic women.  You are just too real for them.  They are the reason why you can’t find love.  So many women are either fake or full of shit.  They are looking out for themselves or taking advantage of men for their own person gain .  I understand you when you say you rather be single.  Because it’s hard to find someone to believe in you.  It is hard to find someone to confide in. It’s hard to find someone to be yourself with.  Someone you can be vulnerable with.  Because when you do become vulnerable, it is thrown right back in your face by the toxic society.  I understand you.  Fuck em.  Fuck those fake toxic women.  There are plenty of good women out there who are not like these bitches. Stay away from the toxic women because emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse.  It’s actually, at least to me, is worse. Because you can heal a broken body, trust me you cannot heal a broken mind. It’s hard.  So leave those toxic women behind.  How do you find a good woman Steven? First you have to become the best version of yourself. I’ve said that  before.  Be you.  The best version of you.   Deal with your past shit, your demons, and work hard to be the perfect man.  Next is do not rush anything.  I know that the hook up culture makes everything fast pace.  There is no timer when talking and getting to know the right woman.  Take your time in getting to know her.  It will help in building a long lasting relationship and a healthy one at that.  You also got to take your time when it comes to sex.  When that bond is strong, sex is a 100 times better.  Trust me. And you gotta get rid of your type. Get it out of your mind.  I use to have a type.  I liked blondies that had a little chubs to them.  I also liked the mousy types like Anna Kendrick, you know the small women.  Anyways, even though I married one of my types, as I got older I realized men and women who have types miss out.  That red head or tall girl you dismissed could have everything you ever wanted.  Could have been your soulmate. Oh and when meeting these women you have to stay away from clubs and bars and shit because if you want to find a good woman.  They are more than likely not going to be hanging out in those places.  And if they are, they are just hanging out with a toxic friend. My wife and I were like that before we met. I was only at the club scene because of on of my friends but I prefer to chill with a rum and coke on the beach and talk shit with someone.  That’s my chill.  My wife would be with her friends at the clubs, but hated it too.  You will find good women in community classes like those cooking classes.  Through volunteering,  festivals, and galleries, and so on.  You get it.  The point I’m trying to make is that it is not that hard to find the right woman you just have to be in the right headspace and be very patient. For those of you that feel that you are toxic but you’re like Steven, I want to change.  You made a good point and I feel bad of the shit that I’ve done.  I feel bad of the shit that I said.  I feel shitty following shitty people.  Well, listen up.  You gotta Learn to not paint men and women who are of all races with a broad and destructive brush.  Just like not all women are bad, not all men are bad too. Don’t let  those toxic women get inside your head.  A relationship is like a team sport.  Right? Men play their part.  Women play their part and they both can get that shiny trophy together.  They both can win that shit! And all you have to do is just talk to the men. They just want to be talked to.  That’s it. They just want to be heard as well. So just talk to them.  Just like you want somebody to understand you, you need to try to understand him.  The reality is that a man can leave a long relationship.  A relationship he has been in for 5 to 10 years.  Right? And they’ll turn around and go right into the arms of somebody else and doing the exact same shit that he did for his ex.  The exact same shit.  So when you get all mean and shit to himm, he is not going to want to be with you.  He is going to want to be with someone who doesn’t treat him like shit.  You need to stop gossiping.  Stoping bashing other women too.  Stop being so fucking mean to men and especially to other women. Be a woman that young girls can look up to.  Especially if you have daughters or younger siblings who look up to you.  Be the right kind of feminist. Don’t be the anti-men, anti-shaving, anti-skirt, anti-insert bullshit here.  I’m not going to keep going because it will be better if you could find a good woman role model to guide you because obviously I don’t know shit from fuck about being a woman.  But I will say this last thing.  Give a man a man version of flowers.  What is that? It is his favorite sandwich with the side of his favorite chips along with his favorite drink. Nothing else.  Just randomly do that.  Not just on father’s day or his birthday.  Just randomly do this and if he doesn’t like subs and shit? Well, use your brain.  You know what he likes.  And of course you men need to randomly give you wife or girlfriend flowers and stuff too.  Not just on Valentine’s Day.  Not just on birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day.  Like i said before. Treat each other like royalty. Because until men and women starting having honest conversations about who they truly are, what demons they battle with, where they are coming from, and what they truly want.  Love will continue to be a temporary emotion.  Love won’t last long.  It will continue being shit.  It will end horribly and it won’t be great.  Make it great.  Honesty,  communication, and respect is key. I’m going to end this segment with a joke that will trigger you toxic women, but i don’t care.  I saw this on facebook and I needed to share this.  A woman goes to the doctor, worried about her husband’s temper. The doctor asks, “What’s the problem?” The woman says, “I don’t know what to do! Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason and it scares me.” The doctor says, “I have a cure for that. Every time your husband seems to lose his temper, get a glass of water and start swishing. Swish it around your mouth but don’t swallow it until he either calms down or leaves the room.” Two weeks later, the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn.  The woman says, “Doctor, that was brilliant! Every time my husband started losing his shit.  I would swish the water.  And I swished and I swished and he would calm right down.  But I got to ask, how does a glass of water do that?!” And the doctor then says,  “The water itself does nothing. It’s keeping your mouth shut that does the trick.

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Britt Nolan 53:35

Hey Out of Placers! It’s been about a month.  And I am so pump to say that I have finally have had enough of everything.  And I literally quit one job to go to possibly another job and I’m quitting that second job.  Here’s to being unemployed like the rest of America was during the pandemic while I was working my ass off super pregnant.  And what I want to do for you is actually read my resignation letter. I want to start with the one with the one I would of like to have sent. But then going along and sharing the one that I actually did sent. You know if your on the fence about quitting a job. If you feel like you’re working for the man or the woman that kind of makes your life a little bit more miserable.  I want to make sure that you know that you wouldn’t be the first.  You’re not alone.  I do have at least a couple years worth of I could be really cheap the next while and live with my partner comfortably.  But I do not have a life long retirement saved up. Just enough time to buy some time to figure it out. Okay, this is the next best step forward so here’s to getting rid of toxic pieces of shit.  Or toxic careers or any of that jazz.  First email. What I would’ve like to have sent: Dear Shelly, I came back to work here, because I forgot how big of a piece of shit you were. You micromanage and you’re never organized.  You always talk about process improvements. But simultaneously they complicate everything and slow the whole system down.  I just started and I’m already sick of this bullshit.  So I quit.  Love, Britt. But I didn’t want to be that brief with her or make her feel sad.  When I think about this boss, she works her ass off and she expects everyone around her to kind of uphold those very same standards.  She practices what she preaches and you know I really do enjoy her. Anyways this is what I actually end up sending. Dear Shelly, I realize I have made a mistake rejoining the team. To be honest. I thought working from home would be enough of a perk to look past some of the cons I remember from when I was last working there. While trying to find my my direct reports.  2021 goals in our network drive, I came across Claire's and Henry’s reviews. They were heartbreaking to me.  Claire expressed how busy she was and that she was too busy to write the review. Meanwhile, Henry was a given a negative on every metric. I think Henry probably could have been relocated to a different team that he might thrived on rather than being put into a new role that would ultimately get him fired from. Then Alison sent me to a file path to the SOPs to familiarize myself with. One was completely blank, the others had basic bullet point list  but not enough detail to go from. I tried digging around and a few of the files couldn't be opened with content enabled without crashing my Excel. This included the pain and commitments file that I had to work from a few times after month end.  Anyways Evan said that this was a known issue and to not enable these. There's a distinct fear on the team to make any changes to legacy files or locations because these changes may break dependent macros or systems, none of which are documented.  I do not have access to our company email, I just got access to the recons, but I got assigned all 170 of the recs to review  with no transition period. I'm uncomfortable taking on a bunch of work right from the start and certifying the recs as if I read the contracts beforehand. That would impossible.  The only way I see myself doing a good job in this role is if I sacrifice my time with family. I do not want to waste everyone's time trying to train me to get up speed, and collect pay checks for a position that I don’t even see a future with. In the interview I said I was looking for a home.  Coming back and seeing how things operate feels like I need to pursue another path. You are a great hardworking woman and thank you for allowing me to work for you twice. Getting out of college, I would have been happy to bend over backwards to get the job done. But I have a child now, and I need to make sure that I make her proud. Being absentee, even for a few months just to get up to speed doesn't feel acceptable.  Thank you for accepting my second resignation. I wish you great luck in finding someone to join the team. Since I have only been on the job a few days, I do not think providing two weeks notice would make sense. I hope you understand my reasonings and have no hard feelings. I’ll return my equipment and badge to security this morning. Sincerely, yours truly, that person that quit on you twice. Me. Britt Nolan.  So anyways I sent this letter out.  I returned my equipment to security. I came back and nothing had changed. It felt the same.  I was actually working under her a few years back. So anyways when I get done turning in that stuff I get a text message from my boss. She says that I wish that you had reached out and address your concern with me.  And I say .  Well, actually I did not say anything.  I’ll respond tomorrow.  Or maybe not.  But I’m thinking.  I worked for you two years ago.  A lot of the issuers that I’m seeing now are the same  issues that were happening before.  And the biggest issue is these high expectations. These unreasonable expectations that get set before anybody had a chance to jump in the water to see if they can stay afloat. You’re already sinking them down with an anchor.  You really need to find ways to give people a chance to learn how to do their job.  I’m lucky because I know that I can afford to take time off and figure out what I’m going to do.  But people get into these situations all the time where they hate their job and they want to quit. I was looking for validation, but nobody could provide that validation but me. I was asking friends you know is it okay I quit? I was asking my parents, is it okay?  And nobody wanted to sign off, oh yeah it’s going to be okay. Because you know their not going to pay for my life if I can’t afford these things.  The only person that really was able to like make any kind of say in that is actually my husband. If you’re looking for validation to quit your job.  Here it is. It’s okay to quit your job. But remember you’re gonna have to be the one that can save you. You’re going to be the one that goes out and explain why you quit.  Ad if a company can’t understand that you quit because things sucked at your last job or you needed a mental break? Then that’s fine. Thats just not the kind of company that you want to work for because they’re the kind of company that  probably put you in that same situation again. Where you need another break or you don’t want to work for them because their expectations are unreasonable. It’s okay to just say fuck this bullshit.  I mean, I completely surprise myself today by being that ire-liable asshole that just quits.  Quits with no notice.  I don’t know if thats going to catch up with me.  but here i go.  Off into the unknown.  Just being Britt the quitter.  And that’s alright. You know? We’ll figure it out next month.  Thanks.  

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Yeah it’s great yeah.  This is Sylvester Stallone.  You’re listening to Out of Place. Yeah.  Yeah, this is a great podcast. It’s good. It’s great. Very great.  Adrian! 

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Whatever you hear about me, believe it.  I don’t have time to explain myself to you. So I want you do do this.  I want you to use your imagination to add to that story.  Whatever you heard.  Whatever rumor it is. Just add to it.  Do it! Because I don’t give a fuck, but guess what? I still love you.  If you like the show. Leave a like, leave comment, submit a rating on iTunes, subscribe, follow, and ding our bell or whatever you want on the platform you are listening to this on. Just show us at Out of Place, some love and tell other people about this podcast.  I want you to give love to the people that you heard on this podcast.  I know that I don’t say this enough but i’m going to be better at it.  People like Britt and the other voice over actors that are part of the show.  Just please. All of their links are always in the description below.  Just show them some love.  I feel like they need just as much love and attention that you guys give this podcast.  So do me a favor, go to their links and show them love.  Remember to find a way to make someones day.  Doesn’t have to involve money.  Smile at a stranger. Try your best to not be mean.  Hold the door open for someone.  Tell a friend or a family member you appreciate them or just to say hi them.  Give someone a sincere compliment.  Leave a big tip.  Mention an excellent employee in a review for the store you shopping at. Whatever it is, just make someone’s day. Do that today.  If anything I said in this episode offended you in anyway, I don’t give a damn and a half.  Cry to your mom or anybody that will listen to a sensitive snowflake yourself. Just know and understand, no one cares!  Other than the music streaming service you are listening to this on, you can also find us on YouTube. To our loyal listeners who made it to the end, I love and appreciate you. Goodbye and always remember to smile.

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