Out of Place

A Christmas Noir

November 25, 2021 Steven Daniel Season 2 Episode 12
Out of Place
A Christmas Noir
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For our 2nd Christmas Special the Out of Place Podcast produced a radio drama adaptation of the Christmas Confidential play written by Eddy L. Barrows. What fiend sliced up Pixie, a sexy pole-dancer from Club Ho-Ho, dumping her body on a vacant lot? Did Frosty break Bob Cratchit's neck in a drunken, jealous fury? What's the sick and twisted secret between Rudolph and Momma Gingerbread? Is the Little Match Girl really selling matches? Are Santa's Helpers going to vote to deregulate Christmas? And what about that deathbed confession from Mr. Scrooge? It's all here!!! Hot hot hot and on the QT.

Christmas Confidential: A Christmas Noir Play by Eddy L. Barrows



Steven Daniel as Main Host/Kringle/Santa 2/Elf 2/Baker’s Dozen

Britt Nolan as Poinsettia

Momma Gingerbread/Holly voiced by Rachael Reagan 

News Boy/Little Old Lady/ Deranged Pixie/ voiced by Brittney Noel

Rudolph voiced by Kiing_Ducky

Little Match Girl/Young Urbanite voiced by Moorenarration

Ebenezer Scrooge/Officer Charlie/EMCEE/ELF 1 voiced by Carson Campbell

Mistletoe/Vixen/Nurse Grimace/Secretary voiced by Ariana Allegre

Pixie voiced by Wisteria_Hemlock

Tiny Tim voiced by Alex Crimock

Frosty voiced by Incogneko5

Mrs. Cratchit voiced by Fran Lawton

Bob Cratchit voiced by Pete

Sam voiced by Rafael Cortines

Comet/ Santa 1 voiced by Jess Mcdonald

Woman with a Mustache/Joe voiced by Sam Reilly

Prissy Man/Santa 3/Elf 3 voiced by Destrial

Dasher voiced by bmanthegoofball

Jacob Marley voiced by Benen Dykstra

Santa 4 voiced by luckspath

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Instrumentals and SFX are from:

Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io?referral=steven-pmdxw

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Christmas Noir