Wines To Find

Wines To Find, Ep 65: Prothro Family Wines

April 08, 2021 Michelle & Sandy Season 5 Episode 65
Wines To Find
Wines To Find, Ep 65: Prothro Family Wines
Show Notes

Guests: Bruce and Ronda Prothro of Prothro Family Wines. Wines tasted: Prothro Family Wines' 2019 Rosé,  2018 Cuvee No 4, and 2018 Cabernet Franc.

Hosts Sandy and Michelle are joined by Bruce and Ronda Prothro of Prothro Family Wines as they taste three of their wines.

Bruce and Ronda are wine enthusiasts turned winemakers. From a hobbyist interest in wine, to a hobby making their own, their early beginnings come from their mutual love of wine. As a young couple, they took their love of wine and turned it into a new hobby after scoring some grapes. Soon, friends and family were requesting their wine.

But . . life happened. Raising children and demanding full time careers took over their lives for 16 years. When they became empty nesters, Bruce and Ronda returned to their love of winemaking but decided to be more serious this time around. Thus Prothro Family Wines was born.

Listen today to hear a conversation amongst true wine enthusiasts and  learn how the Prothro Family made their hobby turned side gig into a lasting family legacy.

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