Wines To Find

Wines To Find, Ep 68: How Music Impacts The Taste of Wine

April 29, 2021 Michelle & Sandy Season 5 Episode 68
Wines To Find
Wines To Find, Ep 68: How Music Impacts The Taste of Wine
Show Notes

Guests: Music in the Bottle Podcast hosts Darryl Matthews and Jamele Favorite. Wines tasted: Ulrich Langguth Reisling, Hild Ebling Sekt, 2015 Chateau de Malleret Haut Cru Bourgeois, and 2014 Chateau Tour S'Joseph Cru Bourgeois.

Hosts Sandy and Michelle are joined by the co-hosts of the popular podcast Music in the Bottle, Darryl Matthews and Jamele Favorite, to discuss the impact music has on the taste of wine.
Many studies have been conducted to prove and understand the correlation between music and wine tasting. Listen to learn what music harshens certain elements of wine and what music enhances the experience of a tasting.
Follow along as four wines are tasted: two German Sekts (a Riesling and an Elbling) and two Cru Bourgeois while discussing the various studies, impacts of music on wine tasting and the curated playlist Darryl and Jamele created for another Wines To Find "experiment" experience. For your own experiment, the playlist is available on Spotify, iTunes and Tidal -- search Wines To Find x Music in the Bottle to listen.

Wines To Find Podcast,  Finalist in the 12th Annual TASTE AWARDS  in  four categories.
-Best Drink or Beverage Program
-Best New Series
-Best Single Topic Series
-Best Food or Drink Podcast

We have been listed in the Top 30 wine podcasts!


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