Wines To Find

Wines To Find, Ep 81: Choosing Chardonnay

July 29, 2021 Michelle & Sandy Season 6 Episode 81
Wines To Find
Wines To Find, Ep 81: Choosing Chardonnay
Show Notes

Wines: 7 Cellars Farm Collection 2020 Chardonnay and 2017 Domaine des Préauds    Pouilly-Fuisse

Guests: Ryan Prichard, Winemaker - Three Sticks Wines and Paul Doroussay of Pierre Clos Imports

Did you know when we first started Wines To Find, Chardonnay was not a go-to variety for either of us? For one of us, the heavy oak that was characteristic of many of the offerings was a major turn-off, for the other,  they never really rocked her world so it wasn't worth the wine dollars and calories to continue to try them.

Through our journey of expanding our palate and wine knowledge, we have learned so much about the wine-making process and growing regions for this wildly popular grape varietal, that we both now know what regions and techniques are preferable for our own specific tastes so that we will enjoy our  purchases of Chardonnay going forward. So we're sharing what we have learned in this episode!

We share portions of previous interviews that explain the differences between French-grown Chardonnay grapes and their wines versus those from California and areas of both growing regions that not only produce great wines, but are known as VALUE REGIONS.

Hear from Three Sticks winemaker, Ryan Prichard, who was awarded the 2020 San Francisco Magazine's Rising Star Winemaker of the Year and, more importantly to us, the guy who made the first Chardonnay to receive a 5 CORK rating from Sandy.

Listen today for tips and tricks on picking a great Chardonnay!

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