Wines To Find

Wines To Find, Ep 87: Pairs With Life Author and Podcast Host, John Taylor

September 09, 2021 Michelle & Sandy & John Taylor Season 6 Episode 87
Wines To Find
Wines To Find, Ep 87: Pairs With Life Author and Podcast Host, John Taylor
Show Notes

Wines: Fogleson Vineyard 2020 Chardonnay & 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Guest: John Taylor, Pairs With Life

We continue our book club theme with author and  Pairs With Life podcast host, John Taylor. John Taylor is a wine marketer, author, podcaster, musician, and now, wine-brand owner. John joins us to share his multi-hyphenated story and the inspiration behind his popular book and podcast.

Using his personal background  and knowledge of the wine industry to craft the fictional story of a one-hit wonder musician turned wannabe (failed) sommelier turned wannabe vineyard owner, John then used the fictional setting he created, Fogleson Vineyards, to offer private labeled wine for sale. In a masterful art imitates life, life imitates art full circle stroke of marketing genius (we DID mention his first hyphen is MARKETER, didn't we?), John has created a unique brand of his own.

Listen to learn about John's own one-hit wonder from his musician days, his ten years in wine marketing, and how he fulfilled his life-long dream of being an author by using "what he knew" - which turned out to be WINE. Enjoy as fellow podcasters geek out on wine and wine stories. You will be inspired by John's creativity and infectious energy.

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-Best Drink or Beverage Program
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