Wines To Find

Wines To Find, Ep 88: Princess & Bear Wines

September 16, 2021 Michelle & Sandy Season 6 Episode 88
Wines To Find
Wines To Find, Ep 88: Princess & Bear Wines
Show Notes

Wines: Domaine La Bouysse Cyprius & La Croix Gratiot Picpoul de Pinet
Guests: Carol Bailey and Steve Medwell

Have you ever dreamed of retiring to the South of France? Well, this week's guests did just that. Only, they FAILED retirement terribly! Once established in their retirement home in France, Carol and Steve continued their lifelong love affair with food and wine by immersing themselves in the local food and wine scene.

They quickly fell in love with the wines from the new home, the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Being the two type A individuals they are (retired attorney and surgeon), OF COURSE they HAD to take their discovery of the wines of the region to the next level by sharing them with everyone back home in America.

They set to work establishing an import / distribution / retail network of their own, called Princess and Bear. Spending six months in France each year, they scour the countryside searching for small batch, authentic wines and winemakers that represent the region they love and bring them home to America to sell in their Tasting Room / Retail shop and online.

How many people do you know create a multi-tiered business model spanning two continents - IN RETIREMENT? Not many, if at all! Listen today to hear about Carol and Steve's life full of wine and fun and to learn about the fabulous French wines they curate and offer for sale.

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