Henry and Simon

Weekly digest of startup news #2

March 29, 2020 Henry Season 2 Episode 2
Henry and Simon
Weekly digest of startup news #2
Show Notes

Hello, there home-lockups! The 2nd episode of Weekly digest, the less than 15 min long format with compressed news about the startup and entrepreneur scene in Prague and Europe is out!

Czech news

This time we speak about the outcomes of the survey among Czech venture capital investors done by economic journal E15 in cooperation with the emerging StartupBox and the Startup Report. We mentioned great initiative, the StartupConnect that has been recently founded by Martin Rozhon, Petr Ocasek and other volunteers who want to connect investors and startups looking for fundings in Q2. We were talking about the Zoom and its incredible growth. We mentioned a week old idea that arose in COVID19CZ FB group, Tomas's Cupr new project Nakupbezpecne.cz

International news

France will help startups with short term financing, early tax refunds and “certain guarantees on cash flow” Source: Venture Beat and tech.eu 


Are VCs open for business? Fred Destin @fdestin shares his views highlighting additional macro and firm risk (market sizes) and need for VCs to refinance in uncertain markets...


Lilium electric jet and on-demand flight service raise over a quarter of a billion dollars, Cazoo, online car sales raise £100M. Source: http://www.tech.eu

Brandwatch.com are offering a free dashboard to monitor the buzz around Covid-19, check it out at https://www.brandwatch.com/cv19-resources/

Headspace the wellness platform made popular for its online mediation course is making it free for a period of time for anyone with an NHS email to support these frontline staff with the very difficult mental load they are facing. 


Kudos for how Czech people have handled the need for masks and special praise for Petr Ludwig https://www.petrludwig.cz/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoDwXwZXsDI&feature=youtu.be