Brand the Interpreter

Season 5 Finale with Mireya Pérez

December 30, 2022 Season 5
Brand the Interpreter
Season 5 Finale with Mireya Pérez
Show Notes

It's surreal to think that another season came and went for Brand the Interpreter. This season was filled with so many more amazing guests. I had the chance to speak with professionals of all stages in their interpreting journeys. I feel so honored and humbled that people have chosen this platform to share their story and that you, the audience, has welcomed it with open arms. 

To my amazement, the podcast continues to grow, spreading its message of interpreter stories across the globe. I get messages from people in places I never imagined would listen. We're out there, in small corners of the world, feeling like specs in such a big place, waiting to connect to a bigger network, to find deeper meaning, and as long as this podcast continues to connect us, I will continue to show up. 

I've put together a compilation of this year's stories for this season's episode finale. I hope you enjoy it.

I also hope you come back next year for an even bigger and better Brand the Interpreter Podcast. 

Thanks for tuning in, till next time! 👋

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