Brand the Interpreter

The Inner Dialogue of Multiculturalism with Joana Tudela

February 24, 2023 Season 6 Episode 86
Brand the Interpreter
The Inner Dialogue of Multiculturalism with Joana Tudela
Show Notes

Joana is a Luso-American Latina helping organizations provide quality language and cultural services to Latino, immigrant, BIPOC, and Limited-English Proficient communities. For over ten years, She has worked with healthcare, education, public health, and community organizations in multiculturalism, health & social disparities, Diversity & Inclusion, and intercultural communication.

After graduating from Rush University with a BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences, Joana started working at the medical lab. However, a few years later, she realized she wanted to work directly with the community and service providers. After two Masters, one in Translation and Interpreting Studies from Wake Forest University and one in Public Health from Benedictine University, Joana found her mission. Understanding that the intersection between language/culture and thriving communities is through cultural and linguistic quality services, Joana has worked with several organizations to raise awareness and reduce health and social disparities in vulnerable populations.

In today's episode Joana and I talk about:

  • Going from "bringing down her Latinidad" to embracing her multiculturalism
  •  Fitting-in in order to progress
  • Comprehensive language access in social services
  • Culture inclusion

And more!
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