The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast

Episode 080: Profiles in Purpose: Just Start with Dr. Adrienne

May 31, 2021 Kimberly Reynolds
The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast
Episode 080: Profiles in Purpose: Just Start with Dr. Adrienne
Show Notes

What’s up, Squad!

This episode with Dr. Adrienne DeBerry is about how we can START walking in our purpose as entrepreneurs.

First of all...

Dr. Adrienne DeBerry is a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist and a Certified Specialty Pharmacist. She specializes in pain management and neuroscience, where she works collaboratively with physicians seeing patients for one on one visits in an outpatient clinic.

Her passion for patient education led her to start her own health education business, Real Talk Health

As entrepreneurs, the ability to identify gaps in our community, use our gifts/talents to fill the gaps, and start serving our community with our God-given purpose drives us to start our business!

Our goal is to break down these services into simple, tangible/intellectual, relatable things for the people!

Now… Imposter syndrome is a real mindset barrier as It holds us back from STARTING to walk in our God-given purpose!

Part of our purpose is being able to say, “God, you gave me this gift. You gave me this purpose and  YOU don’t make mistakes!”

Recognize that God perfects the work of your hands and all you need to do is start walking!

Be aware of your shortcomings because God knows those shortcomings too and operate on faith and trust!

Mentioned in this episode:

Contact Dr. Adrienne here:

P.S. Looking to be certified in specialty pharmacy? Book the practice exam on the Website.

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