The Vaillant Podcast

The Internet of Things with Grant Gundelfinger and Karen Matthews

February 24, 2022 Vaillant
The Vaillant Podcast
The Internet of Things with Grant Gundelfinger and Karen Matthews
Show Notes

The Vaillant Podcast is a heating industry podcast designed to support installers with every aspect of their working lives. From mental health to marketing, fitness to finances; installers can tune in to learn how to enhance their earnings, learning and wellbeing. 

In this episode of The Vaillant Podcast we tackle the topic of the Internet of Things (IOT), how we can define it, and how the IOT and connected devices are enabling installers to work smarter not harder.

In this episode, host Simon Whysall is joined by guests Grant Gundelfinger and Karen Matthews from the Mayfly Group Ltd, together with Kenny Virdee, IOT partnership manager at Vaillant, to explore the ways in which connected devices are becoming increasingly popular within the home and how those working in the plumbing and heating industry can utilise this technology to introduce new business services and models.

Since joining Vaillant more than 20 years ago as a service engineer, Kenny Virdee is now responsible for the successful implementation and delivery of Vaillant’s own IOT strategy. Working with a skilled team Kenny manages the integration of Vaillant’s own technology to support the day-to-day lives of installers.

Heating Installer of the Year 2021 winner, Grant Gundelfinger is a co-founder and director at the Mayfly Group Ltd, which is based in Leeds. With more than 15 years experience, Grant is familiar with the role connected devices can have on the way he runs his business.

Since starting her career in the industry in 2008, Karen Matthews, who is Grant’s business partner, and director & co-founder at the Mayfly Group Ltd, has championed the way she and her business can utilise technology to deliver the very best in service for customers.

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