The Vaillant Podcast

Marketing with James Lacey and Holly Hickey

March 23, 2020 Vaillant / James Lacey / Holly Hickey Season 1 Episode 2
The Vaillant Podcast
Marketing with James Lacey and Holly Hickey
Show Notes

The Vaillant Podcast is a heating industry podcast designed to support installers with every aspect of their working lives: from mental health to marketing, fitness to finances; installers can tune in to learn how to enhance their earnings, learning and wellbeing. 

In this episode we speak to two guests: James Lacey and Holly Hickey, to get their advice on how installers can use marketing basics to grow or maintain their businesses, without needing to be experts in the field or have a huge budget. 

James started off as a one-man band and grew his company, JLN Plumbing, to a limited business with more than 14 employees. His brand positioning, website, social media presence and customer service are excellent examples of best practice for a small business in this sector, providing inspiration for other installers who want to scale up their operation. 

Holly is a consultant for a specialist trade marketing agency that provides services to businesses in the plumbing and heating, construction and electrical sectors; from large conglomerates to small firms with one or two employees. Her work involves understanding complex trade businesses and providing tailored, realistic and scalable advice to enhance their reputations, communicate with customers and drive leads.

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