The Vaillant Podcast

Diversifying your business with renewables, with Mark Wilkins, Ryan Halliday and Christian Ford

October 26, 2020 Vaillant Season 1 Episode 5
The Vaillant Podcast
Diversifying your business with renewables, with Mark Wilkins, Ryan Halliday and Christian Ford
Show Notes

The Vaillant Podcast is a heating industry podcast designed to support installers with every aspect of their working lives. From mental health to marketing, fitness to finances; installers can tune in to learn how to enhance their earnings, learning and wellbeing. 

In this episode we speak to three guests: Mark Wilkins, Ryan Halliday and Christian Ford to learn more about how installers can safeguard their business with renewables. The episode covers the factors driving decarbonisation of heat, together with a closer look at how heat pumps are supporting this. In addition, both Christian and Ryan outline their own experiences around diversifying their businesses and the support available to those thinking of starting on their own renewable journey.

Ryan Halliday is a director at Roxburgh Heating, based in the Scottish Borders. Founded in 2005, the business supports both domestic and commercial customers, installing a variety of energy-efficient heating systems. As part of the business’ ongoing growth plans it has recently made the move into installing heat pumps.

Christian Ford is a director at Indigo Renewables in Leicestershire. Established over 13 years ago, its team has over 30 years’ experience in the heating and renewable sector, providing specialist installation of air and ground source heat pumps along with biomass and solar thermal systems across the whole of the midlands region.

Mark Wilkins is head of training and external affairs at Vaillant. Having worked in the heating industry for more than 35 years, Mark heads up Vaillant’s training programme across the UK to external customers including specifiers, installers and designers.  

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