The Vaillant Podcast

S2: senso controls: A Technical Vaillant Podcast

March 22, 2021 Vaillant Season 2 Episode 3
The Vaillant Podcast
S2: senso controls: A Technical Vaillant Podcast
Show Notes

The Vaillant Podcast is a heating industry podcast designed to support installers with every aspect of their working lives. In this shorter series our team of industry experts are joined by a host of guests to dive into the detail when it comes to a range of technical topics.

In this episode, Mark Wilkins speaks to two guests: Andrew Ireland and Michael Dawes to better understand how the Vaillant range of senso controls is helping make installers’, and their customers, lives easier - both now and into the future. Listeners can also hear first-hand from Andrew on some exciting developments which are on the horizon for the senso range over the coming months too.

Michael Dawes is the owner of Your Plumbing. Based in Northumbria, and with over a decade’s experience working in the trade, Michael works within the domestic market and is a Which? accredited Trusted Trader.

Mark Wilkins Training and Technologies Director at Vaillant. Having worked in the heating industry for more than 35 years, Mark heads up Vaillant’s training programme across the UK to external customers including specifiers, installers and designers.  

Andrew Ireland is Vaillant’s Digital Technologies Development Manager. As part of his role Andrew develops and manages the connected product hardware and software portfolio at Vaillant and was heavily involved in bringing the senso range of controls to market. 

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