A Mom's Life

The secret to sleep training

June 02, 2021 Natalie & Katie Season 2 Episode 18
A Mom's Life
The secret to sleep training
Show Notes

Episode 18. The secret to sleep training. We talk with Lauren Wolf, a certified infant and child sleep consultant and founder of Lolo Lullaby. 

1:40- Welcome Lauren
2:30- Do you feel lost when it comes to getting your kid to sleep? You are not alone
3:05- What is the #1 sleep tip to give to exhausted parents?
5:25- Infants
7:20- Swaddles
10:10- Does every baby need swaddled?
11:25- Swaddle for naps?
10:40- Pacifier?
14:04- Room sharing
16:00- When it's time for a full size crib
16:40- Is there long term damage to sleep training?
20:30- When should you start sleep training?
24:10- Is it ever too late to sleep train?
25:00- When schedules are hard to follow because of older kids
27:15- Naps!
34:30- How to start sleep training
36:55- What is a sleep coach?