Dog Words

0316: The Patience of Baby Girl

August 03, 2022 Season 3 Episode 16
Dog Words
0316: The Patience of Baby Girl
Show Notes

Baby Girl waited over 4 years in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Capital Humane Society for her forever home. Her adopter Kristy Raley and two of the many people who loved and cared for Baby Girl, Animal Behaviorist Haley VanDewalle and Director of Customer Service Amanda Carson share why she waited so long and how she finally found a home.

If you live anywhere near Lincoln, support the Capital Humane Society at the Tails 'N Trails Pet Walk & Festival. It’s September 18 at the scenic Glacial Till Vineyard.

Capital Humane Society online:

Support our mission to provide humans with the resources and education they need to give senior and harder-to-adopt dogs a better life with a donation at or through our Facebook page. You can contribute by making a purchase from the store on our website or one of our affiliates like BarkYours, the online mall with gifts for people who love their dogs.

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