The DEI Shift

Health Advocacy & Policy Feat. #PTBGIM 2022 and ACP Oregon Chapter

February 20, 2022 The DEI Shift
The DEI Shift
Health Advocacy & Policy Feat. #PTBGIM 2022 and ACP Oregon Chapter
Show Notes

Dr. Erynn Beeson, an Internal Medicine resident at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and a member of the Oregon chapter of ACP, and Dr. Ximena Levander, an assistant professor at OHSU and Addiction Medicine specialist, reflect on important topics from previous episodes of The DEI Shift, Health Policy and Advocacy (Season 3, Episode 7) and The Breadth of Addiction Medicine (Season 3, Episode 5).

Key messages: 

  • Advocacy as a physician helps to alleviate daily stress or burnout by channeling frustration with the healthcare system into lasting change. 
  • Access to buprenorphine via telemedicine, houselessness, and social determinants of health are among many key policy issues relevant for the care of patients with addiction and substance use disorders.
  • Engagement in professional organizations can provide physicians resources and updates on current health policies at the local, state, and national level.
  • Learning scripts for advocacy, similar to learning scripts for patient communications, are small learnings that physicians and trainees can bring to their advocacy work. 
  • Connecting with community organizations can be an easy way to engage in local advocacy: as a physician, start by asking, “How can I help?”

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The conversation continues on Twitter with the #PTBGIM. For this episode, be sure to tag @theDEIShift @OregonACP. Tell us why you’re #ProudToBeGIM and share your perspectives, experiences, or tips on how becoming a physician advocate is a valuable skillset as a general internal medicine specialist.

#ProudtobeGIM is a campaign from the Society of General Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians aimed at encouraging medical students and residents to pursue General Internal Medicine. This special podcast series for #ProudToBeGIM Week, February 21-24, 2022, is sponsored by a #ProudToBeGIM honorarium and the American College of Physicians Southern California Region III Chapter. Read more about the campaign here:

The DEI Shift podcast is proud to partner with SGIM in promoting #ProudToBeGIM week. This opportunity allows multiple ACP Chapters to showcase the expertise of their leaders and to provide a fresh look into some popular episodes. We are especially delighted to have members of our production team, many of whom are pre-medical students, contribute their voices to the conversation as well.

Host: Dr. Erynn Beeson (she/her/hers)
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