The DEI Shift

Trauma-Informed Care, Part 2

May 05, 2022 Season 4 Episode 2
The DEI Shift
Trauma-Informed Care, Part 2
Show Notes

Trauma has an undeniable impact on our patients' health and illness, and resilience is vital to their ability to buffer that trauma. Join us in learning from Dr. Moira Szilagyi (President of the American Academy of Pediatrics) and Dr. Edward Machtinger (Internal Medicine physician and director of UC San Francisco's Center to Advance Trauma-Informed Healthcare) about the key elements of resilience, symptoms that develop when resilience factors are challenged, reframing trauma-informed care as resilience-informed care, secondary traumatic stress, and the fundamental role of trauma in creating/exacerbating health disparities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the term resilience in the context of trauma-informed care.
  2. List 3 key individual resilience factors, and identify the symptoms of trauma that may result from impairment in those resilience factors.
  3. Define secondary traumatic stress, and distinguish it from burnout.
  4. Consider how health disparities are caused and exacerbated by trauma, and therefore necessitate a trauma-informed approach to address disparities.

Guests: Dr. Moira Szilagyi, Dr. Edward Machtinger
Co-hosts/Producers: Dr. Maggie Kozman, Dr. DJ Gaines
Executive Producer: Dr. Tammy Lin 
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