The DEI Shift

Pediatric-to-Adult Transitions of Care

June 15, 2022 The DEI Shift Season 4 Episode 3
The DEI Shift
Pediatric-to-Adult Transitions of Care
Show Notes

Transitions between pediatric and adult healthcare models can be one of the most trying and health-destabilizing things a young person and their caregivers experience. Healthcare professionals on both the sending and receiving ends of this transition need training in how to facilitate successful transitions. Resources like medical society recommendations and can help, but there are many challenges to successful transition of which healthcare teams must be aware in order to assist their patients through the process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define Healthcare Transitions. 
  2. Describe two barriers that patients and families face in transitioning to an adult-centered model of care.
  3. Describe two barriers that healthcare professionals face in comprehensive transition. 
  4. Identify specific challenges that patients with complex medical needs face during the transition process. 

Guest: Dr. Shirin Alonzo  
Co-hosts/Producers: Dr. Pooja Jaeel, Dr. Maggie Kozman
Executive Producer: Dr. Tammy Lin 
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