The DEI Shift

Immigrant Health

September 16, 2022 Season 4 Episode 5
The DEI Shift
Immigrant Health
Show Notes

As the COVID-19 pandemic abates, migration across the globe has increased. Health care professionals are likely to encounter immigrant populations who have unique needs. Join us in learning with Dr. Lorena Bonilla (Internal Medicine Hospitalist and Assistant Professor at Florida University/Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine) about factors that influence the health care of immigrants, how to approach patients with cultural sensitivity, and ways physicians can incorporate advocacy into their practice to help support migrants.

Definition of Terms:

In this podcast, we use the terms migrants, immigrants, refugees and asylum. Here we wanted to define these terms. A migrant is an individual who migrates from one location to another usually seeking employment or education. An immigrant is an individual who seeks to live in another country permanently. A refugee is an individual who is forced to flee their home because of violence or persecution. Additionally, someone who applies for asylum is seeking protection from dangers in their home country and is awaiting their claim for refugee status to be legally determined. For further reference, has an article outlining these terms.

Learning objectives:

1. Identify key social determinants of health that affect immigrant populations.
2. Recognize factors that influence the health care of migrants and refugees.
3. Summarize a situation from your own clinical experience in which understanding the culture of a patient enhanced your ability to care for them. Identify how you can be consistent in ensuring that you consider the role that culture plays in the lives of your patients.


Guest: Dr. Lorena Bonilla
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