The DEI Shift

Disparities in Diagnostic Reasoning

October 11, 2023 The DEI Shift
The DEI Shift
Disparities in Diagnostic Reasoning
Show Notes

Join us in learning from our wonderful guests, Dr. Denise Connor (hospitalist and groundbreaking leader in curriculum development for diagnostic reasoning and anti-oppression) and Dr. Cristina Gonzalez (hospitalist and internationally renowned expert in the development of skills-based curricular interventions in implicit bias recognition and management). Dr. Connor and Dr. Gonzalez teach us how to define, identify, and mitigate disparities in diagnostic decision-making and reasoning in order to attain greater diagnostic equity for all patients.

Learning Objectives
1. Define disparities in diagnosis and diagnostic reasoning.
2. Review contributing factors to disparities in clinical diagnosis.
3. Outline steps individuals can take to reduce disparities in diagnostic reasoning.
4. Discuss organizational strategies to mitigate diagnostic disparities to achieve diagnostic equity.

Course Directors/Co-Hosts: Dr. Ricardo Correa, Dr. Elisa Choi                                 
Guests: Dr. Denise Connor, Dr. Cristina M. Gonzalez                                            
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