The DEI Shift

Religious and Spiritual Diversity in Healthcare

December 15, 2020 The DEI Shift Season 2 Episode 4
The DEI Shift
Religious and Spiritual Diversity in Healthcare
Show Notes

Episode Description: Religious and spiritual diversity is not always welcomed, or even tolerated, in healthcare. In our talk with Chaplain Ermanno Willis, we learn how vital it is to include a patient's spiritual beliefs into their care, and how to go about doing this using validated tools to collect a patient's Spiritual History, just like their Social or Sexual History. We also discuss the importance of creating a learning/work environment that allows for a diversity of belief systems among healthcare providers themselves.

Learning Objectives:
1. Summarize the evidence showing that many more patients want their spiritual lives addressed by their healthcare providers than are currently being addressed.
2. Describe evidence-based examples of the positive impacts of religion and spirituality on health.
3. Identify the steps of one of the validated tools for collecting a patient’s Spiritual History (just like the Social and Sexual History).
4. Assess how implicit biases contribute to how (un)welcoming learning and work environments are toward differing religious/spiritual belief systems.

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Guest: Mr. Ermanno Willis
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