The DEI Shift

Obesity Mini-Series Ep 2: Weight & Cultural Considerations

April 18, 2021 The DEI Shift
The DEI Shift
Obesity Mini-Series Ep 2: Weight & Cultural Considerations
Show Notes

Incorporating culture and social determinants as we partner with patients with obesity, with dietician and epidemiologist Dr. Shreela Sharma and patient representative Ms. LaToshia Rouse.

Learning Objectives:
       1. Give an example of how one’s culture can shape one’s perceptions of weight. 
       2. List 3 potential questions that can be used to humbly and sensitively elicit a patient’s individual and cultural perceptions of weight and their particular weight goals.
       3. Compare and contrast certain cultural groups’ variable receptivity to different obesity interventions.
       4. Evaluate how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and social determinants of health can lead to obesity.
       5. Describe some positive steps being taken by healthcare systems to address social determinants and improve their patients’ ability to live healthy lives.

Course Director and Senior Producer: Dr. Maggie Kozman
Co-Hosts: Dr. Pooja Jaeel and Likitha Aradhyula
Guests: Dr. Shreela Sharma and Ms. LaToshia Rouse
Production Assistant: Lynn Nguyen
Theme Music: Chris Dingman
Sponsored by: American College of Physicians
Educational Grant from: Novo Nordisk, Inc.

Special thanks to Dr. Davoren Chick, Monica Lizarraga, Dr. Charles Hamori, Dr. Tammy Lin, Dr. Tiffany Leung, and Darian Harris for helping to make this project possible.

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