The DEI Shift

Voices of URiM Pre-Med Students

April 22, 2021 The DEI Shift Season 3 Episode 1
The DEI Shift
Voices of URiM Pre-Med Students
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 3! To kick off this season, we hand off the mic to three incredible URiM (underrepresented in medicine) undergraduate pre-med students to share their journeys into the medical field. We hear about their common challenges, their strong sense of purpose to be a physician advocate for their community, and about their vision to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the medical field. This episode will leave you inspired!

Episode Credits: 
Co-Hosts/Producers: Dr. Pooja Jaeel, Dr. Maggie Kozman, 
Executive Producer: Dr. Tammy Lin
Co-Executive Producers: Dr. Pooja Jaeel, Dr. Tiffany Leung
Senior Producers: Dr. DJ Gaines, Dr. Maggie Kozman
Editor/Assistant Producers: Emily Han, Joanna Jain
Production Assistants: Likitha Aradhyula, Lynn Nguyen
Website/Art Design: Ann Truong
Music: Chris Dingman

Special Thanks: Dr. Brittane Parker, Oye Bosompra, and Nyah Rodman