The DEI Shift

Digital Health Equity: Bridging the Divide

June 25, 2021 The DEI Shift Season 3 Episode 3
The DEI Shift
Digital Health Equity: Bridging the Divide
Show Notes

In this episode, The DEI Shift talks with Dr. Jorge A. Rodriguez, a hospitalist and health technology expert and equity researcher, about digital health equity and how to bridge the digital divide.

Learning objectives

  1. Define digital health equity and the digital divide. 
  2. Give examples of telehealth technologies used for patient care.
  3. Recognize how telehealth can help overcome health disparities. 
  4. Recognize how telehealth can contribute to health disparities. 
  5. Identify opportunities to mitigate health inequities attributable to telehealth. 

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Episode Credits:
Guest: Dr. Jorge Rodriguez
Co-hosts/Producers: Dr. Tiffany Leung, Dr. Sarah Takimoto
Executive Producer: Dr. Tammy Lin 
Co-Executive Producers: Dr. Pooja Jaeel, Dr. Tiffany Leung
Senior Producers: Dr. Maggie Kozman, Dr. DJ Gaines
Editor/Assistant Producer: Joanna Jain
Production Assistants: Clara Baek, Nilgoun Farhadi
Website/Art Design: Ann Truong
Music: Chris Dingman

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