The DEI Shift

Health Policy and Advocacy

December 16, 2021 The DEI Shift Season 3 Episode 7
The DEI Shift
Health Policy and Advocacy
Show Notes

Join us in learning from guests Dr. Zoe Tseng and Dr. Ankita Sagar about the fundamental importance and role of advocacy and policy work in healthcare. Listen in to learn practical tools and strategies for advocacy at the local, regional, state, and national level, so that you can effectively incorporate this work into your career.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the role of advocacy in healthcare. 
2. Describe the mission of ACP as a regional and national physician advocacy organization.
3. Identify tools to effectively advocate for public policy at local, regional, state, and federal levels.
4. Implement strategies for community and civic engagement, such as coalition building, social media engagement, and grassroots organizing. 

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Episode Credits:
Guests: Dr. Zoe Tseng, Dr. Ankita Sagar
Co-Hosts: Dr. Elisa Choi, Dr. Branden Barger
Executive Producer: Dr. Tammy Lin
Co-Executive Producers: Dr. Pooja Jaeel, Dr. Tiffany Leung
Senior Producers: Dr. Maggie Kozman, Dr. DJ Gaines
Editor/Assistant Producer: Joanna Jain
Production Assistants: Alexandra Babakanian, Ann Truong, Likitha Aradhyula
Website/Art Design: Ann Truong
Music: Chris Dingman

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