Evelyn Starr on Brands in Adolescence and Getting Your Brand Unstuck

May 07, 2021 Liz Solar Season 2 Episode 10
Evelyn Starr on Brands in Adolescence and Getting Your Brand Unstuck
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We all know the signs of adolescence: Identity crises, running with the wrong crowd, rebelliousness, oversleeping.  Sound like what's happening with your brand? Your business?
Well,  your brand may be stuck in adolescence, and Evelyn Starr explains how your brand can find itself, grow up and thrive.

Evelyn Starr is a brand expert and marketing consultant with over 25 years of marketing strategy and research experience. Evelyn uses her keen powers of observation and insight to help her clients wow their customers and grow their businesses.  She specializes in working with Brands in Adolescence, brands that have stalled after their initial success. 

Her clients have ranged from small businesses like Laird Superfood and Harbor Sweets to global brands like Hasbro and Gillette. 

Before founding E. Starr Associates in 1999, Evelyn worked for some of New England’s most recognized brands including Dunkin’, Veryfine Products and The First Years.  As leader of the Care & Safety category at The First Years, she launched one of the company’s most successful products, the Hands-Free Gate, which won The National Parenting Seal of Approval in 2002.  

 Evelyn earned an MBA in Marketing from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and graduated with honors from Vassar College with a BA in Economics and French.  Living in the Greater Boston area, her passions include travel, reading, writing, yoga, tea, dark chocolate and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in both her husband and her two children.

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