Stop Living Off A "Meme Or A Dream" With Redo Love Founder, Flora Ong

November 30, 2022 Kerry Brett
Stop Living Off A "Meme Or A Dream" With Redo Love Founder, Flora Ong
Show Notes

Today we’ll discuss dating faux pas with Flora Ong, dating coach and founder of Redo Love. Flora feels one of the most unattractive things you can do is tell people who you are instead of showing them. People with a lot of unhealed trauma tend to live behind what Flora calls “a meme and a dream."  Flora shares tips around communicating better, trusting yourself, and learning why you attract the kind of people you do. She also shares what she’s learned from multiple failed dating episodes, anxious moments, sleepless nights, and painful lessons. She teaches us how to identify our specific attachment style so we don’t end up dating the same people who will never give us the love we deserve. Flora covers setting boundaries, avoiding wasting time with the wrong people, and stopping questioning yourself or the need to ask your friends for their opinions. You’ll hear how to date better people while finding peace in the process and look for love in all the right places.

Flora Ong is a divorcee and single mother of two. She's also a matchmaker, dating coach, and founder of Redo Love. Flora's sole focus is helping others find peace, trust, and safety in dating. She's a certified life coach and trauma-informed specialist focusing on attachment styles and helps people understand how they were programmed to have the life they do and how to reprogram their subconscious so they can have the life they want. She's a natural connector with a knack for understanding compatibility, and Flora is responsible for hundreds of relationships. She is also an expert at making intuitive matches and helping her clients find the right fit.

Kerry Brett and Flora Ong cover a lot of ground and topics, including;

How to stop ruminating over people who aren’t worth your while.
How to stop looking for security through other people.
The importance of learning about your attachment style.
How to stop living off a meme or a dream?
Why memes can act as barriers or devices to hide behind when texting.
How to get to a place where you trust yourself and do not have to rely on your friends’ opinions?
Why people don’t listen to others’ dating advice? They listen to their subconscious.
How the book Attached was the catalyst and became the blueprint for Flora.
You can cut things off early when you learn to trust your intuition.
Be willing to leave if someone doesn’t meet your standards.
Don’t take things personally; it usually doesn’t have to do with you.

To find out more about Flora Ong, go to her website Check out her free Webinar and Attachment Style Quiz, or follow her on Instagram or on Tik Tok @redo_love.