Making Hope Visible

14 Anti-racism and Intercultural Vision with Adele Halliday

February 08, 2021 Justice and Mission Network of the Atlantic Regions of the United Church of Canada Season 2
Making Hope Visible
14 Anti-racism and Intercultural Vision with Adele Halliday
Show Notes

Meet Adele Halliday, the Anti-Racism and Equity Officer, for the United Church of Canada.  Adele has served related positions at the national offices of UCC for 15 years.  In this conversation, Adele explains clearly the differences between racism, racial justice, anti-racism and what it means to hold an “intercultural vision” in the United Church context.  She offers concrete examples of areas of racial injustices that are happening in the church.  This conversation reflects how important it is for local communities of faith to be engaged in anti-racism work. Adele shares some of the spiritual grounding that keeps her going in this work: “It’s my calling.”  

This new position was created in response to the United Church’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist denomination. In this role Adele will help the church live into its commitment, which will take continuous effort, reaching out to all parts of the church, equipping leaders, engaging with anti-racist practices, building on past efforts, weaving together theology and concrete strategies.   

We are blessed to have Adele choosing to share her passion and her skills with us in these times!

Your portal to UCC anti-racism resources and actions is

In the conversation, Adele reads from  "A Vision for Becoming and Intercultural Church".  The full document can be found here: 

We are gradually building a list of resources related to racial justice issues in our eastern Regions.  You can find that list here: 

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