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Startup Myths - An Idea is Enough
Tech Talks
Startup Myths - An Idea is Enough
Jan 30, 2020 Season 1
Yatin , Shobhit and James ( Amit)

Startup Myths - An idea is enough 

From beginning 

We are on another mission to uncover myths that there are in the realm of digital marketing. In this podcast, you will discover the factors that require an entrepreneur’s attention while taking their start-up’s idea into reality. We will discuss the aspects that are usually left behind in one’s mind. We’ll address the essentials factors that should be considered while thinking about taking your business idea into a reality. 

 How negative feedback reflect on start-ups? 

Time- 4:44 

We have tried not to leave any stone unturned and cover how difficult it can be for an entrepreneur to face negative reviews? What is an adequate solution to this dilemma for startup owners? Our experts will tell how creating a vision would help you accelerate far beyond regression of failure? We will explain how improvisation and analysis play a greater role than we all expect to initiate a business idea turns into reality. We will point out the pros and cons to review at the initial stage of the development of your business presence with compelling examples, for a better understanding of practical scenarios. There are many integral parts that a start-up owner should know about their product. 

We have created this podcast to solve all the start-up problems that one encounters at the beginning of their start-up. We have concluded our statements around, how an idea is enough but in association with a combination of aspects. Listen to our arguments and discussion to come prepared on the ground of new start-ups.