Let's Write Your Novel!

New Ideas (and What To Do With Them)

October 20, 2020 Stephanie Dethlefs
Let's Write Your Novel!
New Ideas (and What To Do With Them)
Show Notes

While having lots of ideas for writing projects seems like a good problem to have, those "shiny objects" can quickly become a distraction from your work-in-progress. In today's episode, we're talking about what it really means when we think a new idea sounds better than what we're working on. We're also exploring a variety of methods for collecting ideas to save for later, and I share a special mantra for focus that I say many times a day.

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Episode 12: What is it really about?

Stephanie Dethlefs is a writer, certified book coach, teacher, and lifelong avid reader. She is the author of the middle grade novel Unspoken and numerous essays and articles. She lives in Pacific NW Washington with her family, two cats and a spunky pup.

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