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Ep. 42 Ingredients for a successful documentary film proposal

November 30, 2022 Sue Collins Episode 42
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 42 Ingredients for a successful documentary film proposal
Show Notes

Filmmaking is a time consuming endeavour. While it might take someone less than 90 minutes to consume and fall in love with your film, it takes you and your team countless hours, many sleepless nights and endless shots of espresso to pull it all together.

From storyboarding your narrative to perfecting your script, securing talent and selecting locations and lets not to forget the actual filming and editing part! – let’s face it, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into making a movie. 

However there is one part of the filmmaking process that can feel like it takes an eternity to create and get right. And it actually has very little to do with the overall look of your documentary feature film…but oh boy, can it make or break your production! 

I’m talking about your proposal. AKA your ticket to funding your project. Because while documentary filmmaking will give you a great sense of accomplishment it also carries more than a few challenges. And writing a great proposal is one of them.  A great proposal is directly related to the single biggest factor in determining if your film will be made.  Finance! 

And securing enough finance or funding to make what you envisioned in your mind is probably one of the biggest challenges a filmmaker faces. 

Which is why in this episode I wanted to take a close look at crafting a proposal that’s so convincing, it’ll have potential funders begging to get behind you and your documentary. Writing proposals is something I do regularly and I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks that help to get the structure and tone right.  What to include and what to leave out. And sometimes it’s what you leave out that makes it more successful!

Listen now.

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