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One Degree Off

April 02, 2020 Tony Anthony and the GCS Team Season 1 Episode 16
GCS Podcast
One Degree Off
Show Notes

Barriers between differing world views can be substantial and reaching across them is not an easy task. But do you ever wonder if reaching across those barriers is even possible in today’s society?

There are many reasons that Christians share for not being able to evangelise. 

...'Saying the wrong thing'
...'Feeling scared'
...'Believing the person is not ready'
...'Not wanting to offend'
...'Evangelism is not my spiritual gift'
...'Too busy!'

These are excuses we are all familiar with, as fear of the unknown and rejection are common. But, while fear is often a cause for not doing evangelism, could there be other reasons why we do not evangelise? How can Christians present the Gospel in a world that is often resistant to Christian beliefs? 

Let's join Tony as he exposes some wrong definitions of evangelism and examines how this stop Christians from proclaiming the Gospel.

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